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January 11, 2017 | No Comments » | Topics: Fight

Double leg ends fight quickly + happy ending…this is how all fights should be!


Cyborg Santos vs Melvin Manhoef…Crazy Fight!


Alistar Overeem puts the pressure on Vitor Belfort and finishes it with a Guillotine


Overcoming a liver shot


Still the most insane comeback ever (Cheick Kongo vs Pat Barry)


Conor and Kenny Florian commentate over the Diego Brandão fight


Guy trying to pick a fight gets dealt with…Rib Shot!


Prison fight starts with a stabbing 


1 Guy takes on 7 gang members with a baseball bat


Son Protects Mom From Boyfriend


This will rest any notion that Ronda Rousey could fight a man….Dutch Female Kickboxing Champ Lucia Rijker vs Man


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