Feed Your Brain With These Fascinating Facts

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Every night, the US Constitution is lowered into a safe that is bomb proof (article)

The original, 55-ton Mosler Vault was the size of walk-in closet and employed a 20-foot scissor jack to raise and lower the Charters of Freedom. A 1953 documentary shows the lift in operation here. The Mosler Vault was replaced in the early 2000s as the National Archive underwent a major $110 million renovation. The current vault, designed by Diebold, is still shrouded in secrecy.



One of Russia’s most popular ’90s TV shows challenged contestants to steal a car. If they could evade police for 35 minutes, they got to keep it. The show was pulled after being linked to a rise in car thefts


A Los Angeles teacher was found guilty of putting his own semen on cookies and making students eat them. His crime was discovered after he took photos of the act & had them developed at a CVS (article)

In some of the photographs, Berndt either has his arm around a third grade boy or girl, or his hand covering their mouths. Some photographs show children with live bugs crawling on their faces. Others were either blindfolded, or have their mouths covered with clear tape. Some of the girls are depicted holding spoons containing a white liquid up to their mouths. Children are also pictured about to eat cookies topped with the teacher’s semen. Investigators would later find a plastic spoon in the trashcan of Berndt’s classroom containing traces of his semen.



The FDA approved a medication that prevent HIV/AIDS in 2012… that has a 92% success rate


A homeless heroin addict, James Bowen, got clean with the help of a stray cat, Bob, whom he found injured in 2007. James wrote a best-selling book, and in 2016 a movie was released starring Bob as himself.



According to George Lucas, the entire Star Wars saga is told by R2D2, some hundred years after Return of the Jedi


Despite the NFL making more than $9 billion annually and projected to make more than $25 billion a year by 2027, pays its CEO more than $30 million a year, 68% of NFL stadium construction costs since 1923 coming from taxpayer money


Stadiums: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver 


The Green Bay Packers are the only community owned, not for profit major franchise in American professional sports (article)

Rather than being the property of an individual, partnership, or corporate entity, they are held as of 2016 by 360,760 stockholders. No one is allowed to hold more than 200,000 shares, which represents approximately four percent of the 5,011,558 shares currently outstanding. It is this broad-based community support and non-profit structure which has kept the team in Green Bay for nearly a century in spite of being the smallest market in all of North American professional sports.



An Alabama bloodhound joined a half marathon after her owner let her out to go pee. She ran the entire 13.1 miles and finished 7th

They renamed the race Elkmont’s Hound Dog Half  in the dog’s honor



Nazi’s used German boxer Max Schmeling in propaganda after he beat African American Joe Louis. Schmeling disliked the Nazis, he refused Hitler’s gifts and hid Jewish children during Kristallnacht. He would later becomes friends with Louis and was a pallbearer at his funeral



Chris Hansen, who was host of “NBC’s Dateline: To Catch a Predator” (a show that featured him conducting a sting operation on online sex predators by catching them on hidden cameras), was fired from NBC after he was caught cheating on his wife by a hidden-camera sting operation


The Boondocks – To Catch A Predator


An Ohio judge sentenced a woman to spend 8 hours in the “smelliest, most god-awful place they can find” at a garbage dump, for neglecting her dog. “If you puke, you puke”