Hot Curvy Girls

February 7, 2017 | 9 Comments » | Topics: Compilation

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  • Rick Linguroski
  • Daniel

    Please stop confusing curvy with fat. Pamela Anderson is curvy, Kate Upton is curvy.

  • MattTarango

    A lot of those girls would be so sexy, if only they weren’t so fat.

  • Go fuck yourselves.

    lol Ohhhh and I’m just SOOOO sure the ‘hand raised’ internet pron junkies commenting here are all regular six pack abs Brad Pitt clones, right? You fat fucks wipe the lotion off your fingers and lick your cheeto chins clean before leaning up off your straining gaming chair to post here, before shaking your Jabba the Hutt slave girl chains to bring you more pizza rolls (she just happens to be your mom) down in the basement. Look to your own distended, sugar and carb bloated bellies before your criticize these ladies because I doubt they would go out with you either. In fact, it would be a pretty good weight loss plan, seeing as how one look at your unwashed, greasy, nose picking selves in a six week old star wars t-shirt would probably make her throw up. And if you’re NOT that cliche, like ol’ Ricky boy here flexing in his avatar pic, then you’re a douche bag…Rick, hit the bench press at least if you can. You look like a meth head with an overworked jerk-off arm. XD

    • BigBadBootyMacDaddy


    • MattTarango

      Okay, I wonder what would Brad Pitt say about all those girls? Not being a mind reader, I’ll have to guess… how about… fat?

      On the other hand, what would a doctor say about those girls? This one won’t require mind reading. Obese? Unhealthy? Pre-diabetic? Unattractive, because they’re fat?

    • Rick Linguroski

      Wow, the deluge of butthurt from you is strong. As is your obvious piss poor form of insinuation about whatever it is that I do in my picture. However, you know how the saying goes – your comments say more about yourself than anyone else you accuse. Look in the mirror, dickwipe, and go back to your mom’s basement where she can feed your fat ass some more pizza rolls.

      Now, go fuck yourself!

  • Taylor Bryde

    none of these women are fucking fat you virgins

  • drightone

    These girls are fat to white guys but to some brothers, it’s fucking party time! IJS.