Life Isn’t All Sunshine And Rainbows

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WWII…Italian soldier dies in North Africa with the photo of his son in hand. The last thing his eyes wanted to see.


Syrian soldier records a goodbye video to his mother as his position is being overrun by ISIS


The last tweet of Caio Junior, manager of Brazilian Soccer team, before their plane crashed – killing Junior and 75 others


Man attacked and disfigured in a tiger attack 20 years ago finally reveals his face


Young man just found out his brother was killed


Colleen Burns posted this picture of herself at the Grand Canyon, captioned “That view tho”. Later that day she slipped into the canyon and died


Human Trafficker arrested. She lured young girls aged 1-12 yrs old to be raped and tortured. Clients paid to see these acts live-streamed for US$10,000 (article)

Scully and Margallo reportedly conspired in enticing poor kids in Mindanao to go with them. A video provided by the Dutch police showed a naked one-year-old girl who was hung upside down with her hands tied and legs drawn apart.

The girl, known in the video as “Daisy,” was crying nonstop while being tortured and sexually assaulted by a masked older girl later identified as Margallo.

The attacker on the video repeatedly whipped the toddler with a belt, placed a duct tape on her lips to silence her cries and dropped hot wax from a melted candle on her private parts.


Young girl and her doll. Victim of the terrorist attack in Nice, France


Teenagers’ heartbreaking photo of their terminally ill parents’ last moments together holding hands in hospital (article)


Video of a man (Antonio Perkin) who live streamed his own death. The last few minutes are the saddest (article)


An open letter from a grieving widower to his wife’s unknown assailant


Cannibals during the famine in Russia 1921. To the left – Akulina Chugunova, killed and half ate her 6 year old daughter. To the right – Andrey Semykin, chopped up his renter who died of fever. In the front – remains of the bodies they ate.

This famine killed an estimated 5 million, primarily affecting the Volga and Ural River regions.

The famine resulted from combined effects of economic disturbance, which had already started during World War I, and continued through the disturbances of the Russian Revolution, and Russian Civil War with its policy of War Communism, especially prodrazvyorstka, exacerbated by rail systems that could not distribute food efficiently.


Doctor informs elderly woman who hasn’t realized the severity of the situation that her husband is dying and he will never leave the hospital


Lance Calvin Buckley with his wife and daughters this Halloween. Three weeks later he murdered all three, then killed himself. Article in comments. (


A garbage truck driver’s thousand yard stare after accidentally running over and killing a young woman who tripped and fell on a pedestrian crossing



Brave daughter films moment she forces dad to confess he’s a ‘paedophile who abused her for 18 years’

Veterinary assistant Romina Balaguer, 35, travelled from her adopted home city of Barcelona to her native Argentina to record herself surprising her dad Antonio Cisneros in Buenos Aires.

Her first words to him were: “How are you paedophile?” After explaining she was filming her 66-year-old father for her own security, she added sarcastically: “The glasses suit you. You’re old. You’re a mess. You should have died.

“Do you admit to everything you did to me, the sex abuse during 18 years?” After getting him to nod his head, she insists “Say ‘yes’” and gets the reply she is looking for. He nods again and says ‘yes’ as she continues: “Do you admit you used to drag me out of bed to sexually abuse me”. He protests when she asks him if he recalls threatening to kill her and bury her mum and brother if she told anyone.

The extraordinary near-ten-minute-long exchange went viral after Romina posted it on Facebook. When she asked her dad why he carried out the abuse, he replied: “Because my mind is polluted.” Seeming to appear conscious of the need to convince people he was not suffering some form of mental illness, Romina, who is now married and no longer uses her birth name, added: “What’s your name?” and with a prompt to make sure her target said his first name as well as his surname, got the lucid reply: “Antonio…Cisneros.” “And who am I?” she asked. “Romina Soledad Cisneros” came the reply. “What’s our relationship?” “You’re my daughter, my birth daughter.”

Asking him to repeat his videoed confession, the brunette asked him: “What did you do to me?” “Bad things. I raped you,” Antonio replied. “I sexually abused you for several years.” Last night the pensioner had reportedly disappeared from a hotel he had been staying at as the woman who recorded his extraordinary admission went on Argentinian TV to explain why she had confronted him. She told one interviewer: “I’ve gone through hell. It’s not the first time he’s confessed. I got him to admit to what he’d done on the phone from Barcelona.”

Asked why her mum had never intervened she added: “I was an unwanted child. She said I was born because she didn’t have money for an abortion. “I sat down with her one day and told her everything and she cried crocodile tears and told me, ‘Don’t tell your brother and ruin his happiness. Those were her words.” Insisting she never told anyone outside of her close circle of friends as she was growing up because her dad owned guns and she was afraid, she added: “He used to tell me it was all a game and when you’re a little girl you believe it. “But from the age of seven he began to threaten to kill me and my mum and brother. Out of fear of being left alone, I kept quiet.” Romina, who has admitted to suicide attempts and ongoing problems with depression, published the video confession on her Facebook page with the message: “Here is the proof. “I confronted my rapist and sexual abuser of 18 years, from the time I was a baby.” 


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