Feed Your Brain With These Fascinating Facts

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There was an experiment to teach dolphins English. A dolphin named Peter did actually learn a few words but actually fell in love with his teacher who also helped him release his sexual urges. Funding was pulled after 6 weeks and the dolphin couldn’t cope and committed suicide.

For six weeks, Howe lived in almost total isolation with Peter in a villa that had been flooded with 22 inches of seawater. The water was deep enough for Peter to swim in, but shallow enough for Howe to wade in; a desk suspended from the ceiling allowed her to work and write in her journal out of the water, and a hanging mattress protected by a shower curtain gave her a dry place to sleep. She ate canned food, negating the need for deliveries; she and Peter followed a regular daily routine, untouched by the outside world. English lessons began at 8am; 10am was play time; and more lessons occurred at 12pm and 3pm, with feeding sessions and more play time in between. Peter apparently liked to watch TV as much as he enjoyed playing fetch with balls and towels.

During the fifth week,  though, Howe reported in her diary, “Peter begins having erections and has them frequently when I play with him.” She became scared as his “sexual needs” and advances grew more aggressive, noting that dolphin could easily “bite [her] in two” — but she ended up taking matters into her own hands. Literally. As the narrator apparently says in The Girl Who Talked to Dolphins, “Margaret felt that the best way of focusing [Peter’s] mind back on his lessons was to relieve his desires herself manually.” I’m not totally clear what that means, but I assume it was something akin to a dolphin hand job.

The Girl Who Talked to Dolphins:


There is a long-term care facility in the Netherlands that allows college students to stay for free in exchange for 30 hours of volunteer per month. When students come home from a class, concert, or party, they share those experiences with their elderly neighbors, some of whom are over 90 (article)



Malaysian Crown Prince Tunku Ismail mocked religious hardliners in Malaysia by wearing Hulk Hands to shake hands, after being told to wear gloves when shaking hands with women.

“Islam is about love and respect and not about judging others, especially when it involves hatred,” he said in a posting on the Johor Southern Tigers Facebook page on Monday.

Tunku Ismail said he was raised to abide by the teachings of the Quran and was not a hypocrite unlike some Malaysians.

“At least I’m real and not a hypocrite and the people of Johor know who their Ruler is. I don’t pretend to wear a jubah (Arabian attire) but behind closed doors be addicted to drugs and neither am I a gambling junkie.



Millennials Are Having Way Less Sex Than Their Parents and are twice as likely as the previous generation to be virgins (article)


Valery Spiridonov, a 31 year old man who suffers from Werdnig-Hoffman’s – a muscle-wasting disease which has left him in a wheelchair, has volunteered to partake in the world’s first head transplant which will take place as early as December of 2017 (article)


Head transplant surgery by Dr. Sergio Canavero – TED


Among Turkic peoples, there is a sport called “girl chasing”, in which a man and a woman race against each other on horseback. If the man wins, he gets a kiss from the woman. If the woman wins, she gets to beat the man with a whip.



 45% of men ejaculate in under two minutes. Although the average male expects to have intercourse for 18 minutes. (article)


On Dec 25th, a town in Peru celebrates ‘Takanakuy’. Men, women and children settle grudges from the past year with a fist fight in the town center. After the fight, fighters will drink alcohol to numb the pain and bring in the New Year


Shakuntala Devi aka “the Human Computer” was able to Multiply 2 13 digit #s, picked at random. She answered correctly, 18,947,668,177,995,426,462,773,730 in 28 seconds


A pigeon named “Cher Ami” despite having been shot through the breast, blinded in one eye, covered in blood and with a leg hanging only by a tendon flew 40kms to deliver S.O.S message & saved the lives of 194 soldiers in WW1



Two twin sister pensioners have decided to retire as prostitutes after half a century in the sex trade, having slept with 355,000 men between them.



Poon Lim survived 133 days adrift in the Pacific ocean on a 8′ square wooden raft. When rescued he was told no one had ever survived longer on a raft at sea, he simply replied “I hope no one will ever have to break that record.”

After approximately two hours in the water, he found an 8′ square wooden raft and climbed into it. The raft had several tins of biscuits, a 40-litre jug of water, some chocolate, a bag of sugar lumps, some flares, two smoke pots, and a flashlight.

Poon Lim initially kept himself alive by drinking the water and eating the food on the raft, but later resorted to fishing and catching rainwater in a canvas life jacket covering. He could not swim very well and often tied a rope from the boat to his wrist, in case he fell into the ocean. He took a wire from the flashlight and made it into a fishhook, and used hemp rope as a fishing line. He also dug a nail out of the boards on the wooden raft and bent it into a hook for larger fish. When he captured a fish, he would cut it open with a knife he fashioned out of a biscuit tin and dry it on a hemp line over the raft. Once, a large storm hit and spoiled his fish and fouled his water. Poon, barely alive, caught a bird and drank its blood to survive.

When he saw sharks, he did not swim. Instead he set out to catch one. He used the remnants of the next bird he caught as bait. The first shark to pick up the taste was only a few feet long. He gulped the bait and hit the line with full force, but in preparation Poon Lim had braided the line so it would have double thickness. He also had wrapped his hands in canvas to enable him to make the catch. The shark attacked him after he brought it aboard the raft, so he used the water jug half-filled with seawater as a weapon. After subduing the shark, Poon Lim cut it open and sucked the blood from its liver. Since it hadn’t rained, he was out of water and this quenched his thirst. He sliced the fins and let them dry in the sun – a Hainan delicacy