25 Things Foreigners Admire About Americans

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1. My partner’s American and whenever we travel to the States I’m always struck by how ridiculously friendly everyone is. I’ve had long conversations with people I’ve only just met who are just genuinely interested in what life is like in other countries/how I’m finding America etc. And people tend to be very giving of themselves as well. In Britain the standard response to ‘How are you?’ is ‘Fine/great’ whatever, whereas American’s can give you a complete breakdown of their life at the moment (including an in depth medical history id you’re not careful). It’s nice though.

A couple of years ago I was flying in to meet my b/f, a blizzard hit and I got stranded in Newark. The airline was NO help (‘act of God’) and I ended up spending 6 hours in a blizzard trying to catch various trains to Philadelphia. Everyone I met along the way was so helpful. When I finally got to the Philly suburb where my bf was he insisted on taking me to his cousin’s party at a bar before we went home. I was tired, soaking wet and pissed off, but as soon as I walked through the door a barful of people I hadn’t seen in a year all yelled my name, ran up and treated me like a long lost sister. I cried 🙂

That’s what I like about Americans.

2. Americans think “in trial balloons”. They always explore new ideas, ways of doing things. A lot of times, silly and mediocre stuff comes out of it, but when a balloon flies, boy, does it go a long way.

Educated Americans can leave you in the dust. It’s true, a lot of Americans may be uneducated, or undereducated. But if you meet a person who has studied hard, you better know your stuff, because they are goooood. And since they are used to think in “trial balloons” (see above), chances are, they have thought about the topic in question in ways that you have never even considered.

3. Americans (still) dare to dream. This goes with what some other people said: If you fall, you get up and go on. There is not such a great social stigma associated with failure and the notion that it’s a learning experience is much more pronounced. In Germany, failure is not an option, and ever since I moved to the US, I breathe easier because of this.

4. The thing that stands out to me from times that I’ve visited to US is the phrase ‘Have a nice day’ and the sincerity with which Americans will say it and appear to mean it.

5. The music. Americans gave Blues and Jazz to the world, which in turn gave us rock and roll, pop, so much music owes its life to blues and jazz.

6. Has to be customer service in restaurants. Sure a lot of the enthusiasm and peppiness is to garner more tips, but have you experienced customer service in other countries? The staff act like they were doing you a favour by allowing you to pay to eat there.

7. Has to be customer service in restaurants. Sure a lot of the enthusiasm and peppiness is to garner more tips, but have you experienced customer service in other countries? The staff act like they were doing you a favour by allowing you to pay to eat there.

8. Who would have imagined a country where MLK was assassinated just a generation ago could elect a black president now. I love that you can hold such a huge amount of cultural diversity within a single national identity.

9. I’m a dual citizen of Canada and the US. Really, there isn’t a vast difference in terms of the culture. Even my family, being francophone Québecois, is culturally very compatable with the US (or at least the secular New England region that I call home)
What do I admire most about Americans? They work hard. I know there’s the stereotype of laziness, but I think that this is inaccurate. Most Americans work their asses off, and many never complain.

I also like that in the United States, nobody is above or below you socially. Someone might think they’re above you, but in the end Americans will not hesitate to personally call out an asshole, whether that asshole happens to be Bill Gates, Steve Spielberg, Hilary Clinton, Danny Bonaduce or Dale – – the guy from the trailer park a few blocks away.

Also, Americans love innovation. It’s a great place to take a novel idea an run with it.

10. You speak really clearly, unless you’re from the South or East. Midwestern American is one of the few accents I can’t pick up because I have to pronounce each word in its entirety.

11. Your contributions towards the ongoing development of the internet, for without it, I would have to talk to real people.

12. I like Americans more than I like most other nationalities of people – even more than I like the Scottish, my own race. The main reasons are that they are boisterous, loyal, effusive, broad-minded, friendly, trusting, industrious, generous, forgiving and companionable. I’ve never been to a single party yet that had a miserable-looking group of Americans skulking in the corner not talking to anyone.

13. Your drive. As an Australian whose duties extend to leaving the hammock once a fortnight to grab more beer, I’m always amazed at how driven Americans are to do things. I sometimes wish I had that sort of passion for achievement.

14. Their micro-brews. American beer is seriously underrated.

15. I hear all the time about Americans being jerks or this guy did this horrible thing, or whatever. But you know what? It’s almost always an American who is bringing these things to light! The people most likely to criticize Americans are Americans themselves. There are no sacred cows or “well, that’s just the way things are” on a national scale.

16. There is a lot of personal freedom. People in America can live pretty much as they want, as long as they can afford it (many can) and respect other people’s rights.

17. Americans tend to be very pragmatic. I believe that an off-shot of that is American “how-tos” and manuals are the best in the world. This has been very helpful for me personally, as I have wanted to know “how to begin running without injury”, “how to properly teach a preschooler”, and many other practical matters, and I could find almost anything in American books sold in online stores.

18. I like the girls… the ones I’ve met. They are more free spirited, open, understanding and can be fun to converse/hang with when they are learned (all these in comparison to the ‘learned’ European girls – where I’m at).

19. Your meals, they are delicious and cheesy. You put cheese in everything which is AWESOME.

20. I like what Stephen Fry says: when someone in the the UK says “Only in Britain” it is a negative about queues or delays or bureaucracy when someone in the US says “Only in America” it is a positive about something dynamic and creative. Americans are intrinsically positive.

21. I think that by far the best thing about Americans is this: When someone wants to be successful and works to achieve it, Americans generally celebrate that, with an attitude of “Right on. I hope you get there, man.” A lot of other cultures approach such a person with the attitude of “You think you’re better than me? Who the fuck do you think you are?”

22. Your Passion. Sometimes it is misdirected, but it is a fire inside of every american I have met.

23. I’m Scottish and I love how much American girls dig my accent. It’s fuckin’ awesome. Bitches here don’t appreciate the awesomeness that spills from my mouth every day. I also love American Patriotism. Seriously, when I see how patriotic you crazy motherfuckers are it brings a tear to my eye. It saddens me to see you complain on reddit about certain things, because you fuckers have an awesome (beautiful) country and you can literally do anything.

24. Any Americans I’ve met have always been very open-minded. It’s probably because of the Civil Rights movement and your very diverse population. It’s only really after catching on with the rest of the world in the last few years. Ten years ago in Ireland it was very rare to see someone who was black and being friends with someone who looked so different was frowned upon. And you can forget about coming out as homosexual… but thats changed since american t.v. has become so popular and the american culture has spread around the world. 

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  • Johnny Vegas

    The list of things foreigners hate about Americans would be 100 times longer.

    • MattTarango

      Hey, thanks for the buzzkill, asshole.

    • Bob Frapples

      The list of how many Americans give a shit would be a lot shorter.

    • Tingle

      You hate us, cause you aint us.

      • Johnny Vegas

        Uhhhh….no. Living in Canada 🍁 is much better. Nowhere near as prejudiced and ignorant as you redneck Americans. And Trump? What a fool but he swindled many of you. Bookmark this for when he’s impeached or shot….whichever occurs first.

        • Tingle

          Ah Canada, enjoy your thousands of “refuges”. I am sure nothing will come of it. As a Canadian you should be a tolerant leftest. So you SHOULD accept “redneck” Americans as “cultural diversity”. How bigoted of you. As for President Trump, why would you wish such ill on someone?

          • Antho

            C’mon you can troll harder than that..

            • Tingle

              Not an argument.

        • Derp

          Says the Canadian, who’s never been to the US.

          • Johnny Vegas

            Been many times….OK to visit. Nice part is I don’t have to live in that cesspool..

            • Derp

              So I’m confused, America is a Cesspool but you still want to visit. Those are contradicting statements.

              • Johnny Vegas

                Vegas baby!

                • Derp

                  Well considering that is the biggest Cesspool there is in America….. Maybe try a place like Oregon

        • Steve Shaw

          Canada is one of our favorite colonies.

        • turfdome

          Maybe we’ll start a ‘anybody but Canadians’ policy at our borders, then send the money-grubbers that are already here like William Shatner, Joni Mitchell, Neil Young and all the rest back for you ‘tolerant, open-minded Canadians’ to care for…? But, luckily for you, YOU are not a valid specimen of Canada, so we won’t…

  • JN

    Correct title 25 things far below avrage foreigners admire about Us

  • Johnny Vegas

    And that’s pretty much the problem isn’t it? You only care about yourself. And now that sentiment is shared by your pathetic “leader”. Also one of the reasons you are the laughing stock of the planet. What a cesspool you have there.

    • The Voice of Reason

      Theres 2 problems with politics, the money, and the asshats like you who couldnt get along with someone from the other side of the political spectrum if your life depended on it. Now kindly SHUT THE FUCK UP!

    • Tingle

      and what country are you from so we might compare?

    • Steve Shaw

      Little boy, the country that you claim only cares about itself has in the time since WWII, done more for the other countries of the world than any 5 you can name, assuming you can name 5 without google that is.

  • Tingle

    Our craft beers are the best. So many choices. You could probably drink a different beer everyday for the rest of your life.

  • Anuschka

    Only in Britain is nothing negative for me, it is the people I adore the most. I am Swiss and proud of it. Though I have to admit Swiss people could be a bit more open-mineded.