What Is The Best Piece Of Life Advice You Can Offer Everybody?

February 28, 2017 | 11 Comments » | Topics: TRUTH

Through all the trials and tribulations of living on this Earth for 35 years, one of the best pieces of life advice I can offer you guys is to bust a nut before making a important decision. The Japanese even have a word for it, Kenjataimu –  Period of clear thoughts when a man is free from sexual desires after having an orgasm. It saved my ass many times when I wanted to call my crazy ex-girlfriend at 2am on a drunken night or those many times when I was ready to drop a few hundred on a dirty hooker on Craigslist. The logical part of your brain takes a back seat to your reptilian brain when you don’t fap and you are prone to making horrible decisions. After you rub one out, your decision making skills rises by at least 40-45%.

What is your best piece of life advice?

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  • BigBadBootyMacDaddy

    If it’s too good to be too then it muthafuckin is!

  • Fritz

    Never date a girl who rides horses.

    • Jake #

      Can you elaborate this? I live in TX, most of the girls here ride horses.

    • Bob Frapples

      I married one…

  • BridgeBurner

    Nothing good happens after 2am (unless you’re about to get laid) call it a night, you’ll feel better in the morning and you won’t have missed anything.

  • Miguel

    Be thankful for life’s blessings, especially the challenges, struggles, and stumbling blocks. Those are the best blessings because they are the ones that force you to bear down and become a better version of yourself.

  • Bob Frapples

    You are responsible for your own happiness.

    • Miguel

      Thank you! I think that one gets lost in the shuffle all the time.

      When it comes to advice, whether you choose to follow it or not, the rest of us are simply pointing to the path. It is up to you to walk, no one else can do that for you.

  • RockBlock

    To stand up for myself. Bullies exist outside of school and people will try to put you down throughout life; you cannot and should not run and hide from this. You need to stand up for yourself and be confident in what you do because no one else is going to do so.

  • Jess

    My best advice is to not be afraid to mess up. At the end of the day, we’re all just grown-up children trying to figure out how life works, and we’ll all make mistakes along the way.
    Never repeat a mistake, but never be afraid to make them either.

  • Murpy

    The ego is never satisfied.
    Time and time again, I convinced myself that if only I had that “one thing”, I’d be eternally happy. Whether it was a relationship, a degree, a specific experience, a certain job, a material object — it was always that “one thing” I didn’t have that I believed was the key to my happiness.
    So, I’d go after that “thing”. And I’d get it. But whether it took 5 minutes or 5 months for the novelty to wear off, I’d inevitably land back in the same spot, unsatisfied because I was missing that “one thing”.
    Eventually, I realized that there is no such “thing”. And that that sense of need was mostly driven by my ego. However, the ego is never completely satisfied, because it thrives on short-term gratification. Which is exactly what it kept me chasing.
    That’s not to say that the ego is all bad. To at least some degree it’s what drives a lot of human achievement. Where it’s bad, though, is when it keeps you from enjoying the process of achieving by convincing you that nothing is ever good enough.

    Your key to happiness is not that “one thing” you don’t have (i.e., dream job, relationship, hard body). There’s no such “thing”. Every achievement is a process to be enjoyed. Shoot for the moon, fine. But don’t miss out on the enjoyment by dwelling on your ego’s insistence that nothing is good enough.