Fascinating Photos Collected From History

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Grigori Rasputin, Russian mystic and spiritual advisor to the Romanovs and a highly influential figure in the court of Tsar Nicholas II.

Reportedly, Rasputin’s first assassination attempt occurred in 1914, when the prostitute Khioniya Guseva stabbed him in the gut with a dagger in what was thought to be a mortal wound. Eyewitnesses claim that as Rasputin’s entrails fell from his stomach Guseva shouted, “I’ve killed the antichrist.” Though Rasputin survived the attack, his demeanor changed permanently.

In 1916, the country’s distaste for Rasputin hit an all-time high, and a group of conspirators including Grand Duke Dmitri Pavlovich and Prince Felix Yusupov set out to kill him. Using Yusupov’s wife to lure Rasputin to their home, the conspirators fed Rasputin wine and cakes laced with cyanide. Though it was reportedly enough poison to kill five men, Rasputin was unaffected.

Unperturbed, the conspirators continued their attack by beating him repeatedly, then shooting him in the back and causing him to fall to the floor. Yet Rasputin, much like antibiotic-resistant pathogen, still wasn’t dead. According to some, Rasputin jumped up violently, only to be shot several more times. The men then wrapped the body in a sheet or carpet and tossed him into the Neva River.

Rasputin’s body was pulled from the water three days later. Though autopsy reports differ, most attest that he was still alive when thrown into the water and that from the positioning of his body, he had tried to break free before either drowning or dying from hypothermia. The exact cause of death has been debated for decades.


Circus showman and founder P.T. Barnum and his three dwarves, General Tom Thumb, Lavinia Warren and Commodore Nutt, 1800s


Women protesting forced hijab days after the Iranian Revolution, 1979

The date was March 8, International Women’s Day, and the image shows women from all walks of life — nurses, students, mothers — marching, smiling, arms raised in protest. More than 100,000 of them. At the time, Golestan recalls, Iranian people were very “politically charged” and believed change could be effected by demonstrating in the streets. “This time they were disappointed,” she says. “From the next day everybody had to wear the scarf.”


Before the creation of the EPA, New York was one of America’s most polluted cities – 1966

1966 NYC pollution even has its own Wikipedia page


A man selling his new Chrysler for a fraction of its value after the Stock Market Crash of 1929, New York

1924-1929 Chrysler Series 75. MSRP for the base model started around $1600, or $22,590 in todays dollars. He’s asking the equivalent of $1400 for his new $22000 car.


Deadwood, USA 1876


The Clark Doll Experiment, 1939

This was a test done for a Master’s thesis that involved children being presented with 2 dolls, 1 black 1 white. They asked the children which they would play with, which one is nicer/better, etc. The experiment showed a clear preference for the white doll. Some of the actual data is hard to find, but the work was accepted enough that the Supreme Court used it in Brown v Board of Education.


Adolf Hitler showing symptoms of amphetamine use

Though a mild cocaine user, Adolf Hitler prefered the use of stronger amphetamines. He utilized them for not only medical treamtent but during speeches and war as well. Methamphetamine in the form of the tablet Pervitin was distribute to Wehmacht soldiers, allowing his army to expend themselves much further than the allies.


Muhammad Ali prevents a suicide 1981

“Over the next few days, Ali spent over $2,000 getting the man clothes, an apartment and a job. The poor fellow broke down in tears. He couldn’t believe the heavyweight champion was helping him,” Bingham said.”

“He grasped Ali by the hands, tears running down his cheeks, and said: ‘I spent years alone after returning from Vietnam. ‘I became convinced that nobody cares whether I live or die, so I decided I would die – but you changed that for me. You have given me the strength to carry on,’” Bingham claimed.

Ali stayed in touch with the vet for years, Bingham said.

“The champ called him every few months. There’s no doubt that Ali saved his life and helped him get a new start,” he said.


Sudanese man grabs maize from a starving child during food distribution at a humanitarian aid feeding center. Ajiep, Sudan,1998

‘They are innocent people trapped and battered by circumstances beyond their control. Ordinary humans in extraordinary situations, displaying immense courage, sacrifice, dignity and the determination to survive what has befallen them and their loved ones. So don’t feel sorry when you look at these pictures – feel angry that we need to be reminded of such folly. It is sad but necessary that these photographs exist.’


Teenagers at a party in Tulsa, Oklahoma, 1947


 Chang ‘The Chinese Giant’ with his wife and manager. His height was claimed to be over 8 feet and he was reportedly able to speak between six to ten languages 1871


Badly burned U.S officer lies on his hospital stretcher in a church in Leyte while there is a mass going on. The church worked as a temporary hospital, Philliphines 1944


Vance, a Trapper Boy, 15 years old. Has trapped for several years in a West Va. Coal mine. $.75 a day for 10 hours work. All he does is to open and shut this door: most of the time he sits here idle, waiting for the cars to come. On account of the intense darkness in the mine, the hieroglyphics on the door were not visible until plate was developed. 1908


Luftwaffe bomber crew patched up, apparently shot down in the Leningrad region in 1941.


A Harlem couple wearing raccoon coats with a Cadillac 1932


Al Capone’s FBI criminal record, showing most of his criminal charges were dismissed 1932


Ford Model T assembly line 1920s


President of Chile Salvador Allende moments away from death during military coup at Moneda Palace in Santiago.

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  • wagwanrazwan

    these posts are sick, you guys have been dropping these kind of posts for years and always finding fresh new content, hardly ever recycling. dope af !

    • Tingle

      Power of reddit.

  • MattTarango

    Nazi drug addicts? I thought Hitler was suppose to be not that bad, after all. Hahahaha! Bet Hitler had a pimp to get him girls too; a real gangsta. And now, American soldiers take amphetamines too. In fact, that’s how Elvis got hooked on pills, being drafted into the army. Those damn Jewish nips.

    • hawgowar

      I was stationed at Ft Polk, Louisiana in the early eighties. 5th Mech Division. We volunteered for a test to see how long we could go in constant battle stress simulations. Always moving, never time for a nap, eating C-rations (before MREs), constant maneuver and attack or counterattack. During the third day they gave us “battle pills”, which were, apparently, really high quality meth. We took them as needed. We managed to make it two more days but we were strung out of our minds by the 5th day. Transcripts and recorded copies of our radio traffic were hilarious after the fourth day. We were so wired that we were using CB code and stuff on the radios. While we apparently could understand each other an outsider, and ourselves when sober, could not. It sounded like Ozzy on Quaalude. We were driving tanks and M-113s through abandoned WWII barracks areas, you name it. Total chaos.

      When it was over they took us to the base gym, made it dark except for some red lights, set up racks (GI beds) with clean, crisp sheets, then they had us shower and eat a hot meal, got into hospital pajamas and we went to bed. Most of us slept a full 24 hours, got up, went to the latrine, got a snack and then slept for another 12 to 18 hours before we were close to normal. Apparently the brass learned that the most they could expect was 96 straight hours, even on battle pills, before we became so wired we were ineffective.

      • MattTarango

        Great comment.

  • Diego veloso

    The picture of the bandaged soldier inside the Church was taken in the Palo Cathedral, Leyte, Philippines. Which happens to be like 20 mins from my Hometown of Tacloban Leyte. Here’s a more recent picture of the inside of the Cathedral https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/8/8b/Palo_Cathedral_06.JPG