A Damn Fine Collection Of Fascinating Photos And Videos

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Exit Door disguised as bookcase in Alzheimers Ward 


William Utermohlen’s self portraits throughout the progression of his Alzheimers


German Police Car from the seventies, with a MP5


Rubber, Non-Lethal prison pen


Flashlight confiscated from prison inmate


Potala Palace, Tibet


Newly declassified high-speed footage shows the point of impact in a nuclear airburst test


This is Mutlak Suwadi. He’s from Nasriyah, southern Iraq. And he was killed by a Da’ish sniper while rescuing this little boy. The boy survived


70-year-old man sits in his destroyed bedroom, smoking a pipe and listening to music on his record player, in Aleppo, Syria


Haiti slums


Artist Liu Bolin “The Invisible Man” has his Body painted to blend in with his Background


1996 Ferrari F50 GT – 2,005lbs – 4.7L V12 – [email protected],500RPM – 0-60mph in 2.9s – Top Speed: 235mph


Only in Dubai would you see a marble-floored horse stable


Cockpit View Of Space Shuttle Discovery Launch


Highspeed closeup of the Shuttle engines stabilizing 


The hilt of this sword is made out of a Human Femur Bone


How the government helps big dairy sell milk


The results of an underground nuclear test

“The seismic recordings registered as a 6.8 on the richter scale. Over one thousand aftershocks measuring 4.0 and under were recorded within 30 days after detonation. The energy produced caused the island directly above the device to rise 25 feet. Large portions of the coast collapsed into the sea for an area of 2 miles around the device. The beach and ocean floor around the device were permanently raised 5 feet. The detonation of this weapon was the main motivating fact in the creation of greenpeace.”


List Of Bands Banned From Christian Radio

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  • Tingle

    Funny how Bieber, Gaga, and Nickleback are considered worse than Cock Spear lol.

  • jay

    It’s rather broad to say those bands are banned from “Christian radio”. I presume that list comes from one station. Or is there a grand conspiracy where every Christian radio station in the country shares this same list?

    Hey, sudden thought: I bet the bands that ARE played on that Christian station are de facto banned from most rock, rap, and pop stations. When was the last time you heard a Christian song on a secular radio station? Maybe sometimes at Christmas.

    • Baw Claw

      Fuck up Prayerboy. Another confused Yank mongo no doubt.

      • jay

        Thanks for clearing that up for me.

    • crizz1066

      Thats cuz christian songs are crap and boring…..

      • jay

        Don’t worry. I’m sure you won’t be hearing any Christian songs where you’re going. 🙂

        • crizz1066

          Hahahahahahahahahahahah, yeah like you’ll be there. Impossible to follow all the stupid rules so no ones gonna make it. Still all thes best, fun people will be in hell, so happy to go there.

          • jay

            Of course it’s impossible to follow all the rules. That’s why Christians plan to sneak in by the back door called “grace”. It really helps when you’re personal friends with the judge’s son.

            • MightyMule
              • jay

                Yes, he’s probably standing next to one of the men who tortured Jesus to death. Remember that whole “crucifixion” thing?

                Would you prefer if once you committed one sin, you were lost forever with no hope? Perhaps you think there’s a big difference between your sins and murder. But people always seem to think the line should be drawn just a little bit past themselves. My sins are just silly little mistakes that God should readily forgive, if he notices them at all. Your sins are horrible and unforgivable. Yes, I stole money, but you beat people up. Yes, I beat people up, but that fellow over there killed someone. Yes, I killed someone, but I only killed one person, that evil dictator killed thousands.Etc.Why do you suppose that your sins are on the “forgivable” side of the line but anything worse than what you’ve done is not?

                • crizz1066

                  So by the argument I should be going to heaven, but you told me I wasn’t. Come on make ur mind up stop flip flopping.

                  • jay

                    Your offenses against God CAN BE forgiven. That doesn’t mean that they are. You have to accept Christ’s offer of salvation. As all I know about you is a couple of forum posts, of course I can’t know for sure, but I think it’s plausible to suppose from your couple of statement here that you have not accepted that offer. I may be mis-reading you, of course. Fortunately for all of us, God does not rely on a couple of random posts on the Internet to make his decisions.

                    • crizz1066

                      Sorry mate,

                      According to my local vicar I am going to heaven!!! I don’t have to accept offer of salvation. I just need to be a nice person, which I am.

                      As for whether god forgives me or not, again I’ve done very little which would offend anyone but a very thin skinned baby. So again I fine.

                      Its the best thing about religion, you can pick and choose which bits to follow which to ignore. Yet still walk around with an unwarranted sense of smug satisfaction, that you’re right and going heaven!!!!

                    • jay

                      Where does your local vicar get his information? Apparently not from the Bible. You may plausibly say that you do not believe that the Bible is the authoritative word of God. We could certainly discuss what evidence has led billions of people for thousands of years to believe that the Bible is true. But surely you do not claim that some random vicar DOES speak authoritatively for God, and that we should take his word over the Bible and thousands of years of church teaching. Why should we? Because what he has to say is pleasant? There are lots of things that would be pleasant to believe, but that sadly are not true. I’d like to believe that I will win the lottery, even though I have never bought a ticket. I’d like to believe that there is no such thing as war or terrorism and that all those news reports are somehow false. Etc. It’s certainly true that you can pick and choose what you want to believe about religion. You can pick and choose what you want to believe about physics, too. But sadly, what you pick and choose to believe has nothing to do with what is true.

                    • crizz1066

                      Which version of the Bible are you on about? Old or new? Kings version or the new on you yanks are retconning. Seeming as he’s a vicar of CofE he has more authority than you. I’ve spoken to many vicars over the year, they all say same thing.

                      Remember we got rid of our bigoted fanatics when you lot left on the mayflower.

                    • jay

                      Show me a relevant difference between two translations and we can do some research into the original Greek and Hebrew and probably resolve it.

                      Your vicar may have more credentials than ME. But does he have more credentials than the Apostle Paul and Jesus Christ? Bibles are pretty easy to find in the western world. I’m not suggesting you take my word for it. Read for yourself.

                      BTW you know the Puritans left England because they were being killed for their beliefs, right? I think if person A is forced to flee the country to avoid being killed by person B, it is B who is a bigoted fanatic and not A.

                    • crizz1066


                      there are literally dozens of differnt versions. Mormons, 7th day activists you name it. You all interpreted the silly book in different ways. Not to mention how it was put together over 1000 years after everything was supposed to be happening. They left out huge sections n whole gospels.

                      Yes he does matey boy!!!! Sorry your narrow mined view wont allow someone to have a differnt opinion to you , even if you both believe in the same silly invisible friends. I’m had this conversations with PHD in theology. That to me says they are qualified to discuss and make judgements.

                      Finally you should really check real history. The reason you’re lot left was to continue religeous fanaticism. In the UK we were happy to have multiple religions, as we’d be importing peoples from all over the glosbe for centuries so we had sikh, muslim catholic, protestant a whole host of differnt belief systems. Your puritans didn’t like the fact that differnt people had different ideas. You’re lot wanted to stop anyone believing in what they did not. But the law of the land said you could believe anything. So your lot left for the Americas, where you could practice your very narrow bigoted view of Christianity, like you still do today.

                      I’d go have a real look at your countries history, instead of what’s been made up to continue the bigotry. For christ sake puritans didn’t even land on Plymouth Rock, but that’s still peddled as fact.

                    • jay

                      There are certainly many different English translations of the Bible, no one’s denying that. But it’s not like one translation says “yes” and another says “no”. It’s more like one says “thou shouldst” and another says “you should”. The Book of Mormon is not the Bible but a totally different book.

                      I don’t know any serious scholar who claims that the Bible was written “thousands of years” after the events it describes. Jesus lived circa 4 BC to AD 34, and the books that describe is life were written from around AD 60 to AD 90. Plenty of people who were eye-witnesses would still have been alive. Dating the writing of the Torah and Old Testament histories is harder, we don’t have the documentary evidence. Some try to put them hundreds of years after the events. But that’s usually based on preconceptions, like “prophecy is impossible, no one can predict an event before it happens, therefore these books that claim to contain prophecies must have been written after the events described”.

                    • crizz1066

                      Wow so you’re not awear the king James Bible was put together in the 1600’s where they sat around and decided what did or didn’t make it in. They also chose which translation of supposed jospels to use. They left out any which heavily contradicted the main story they wanted to push.

                      All of the gospels have huge discrepancies, and contradict each other. It’s also not an eye witness account either. It’s hearsay and stories from a huge area over a long period of time twisted which each telling.

                      You go blindly follow what other men decided you should and shouldn’t read about 500 years ago.

                    • jay

                      The list of books that make up the accepted canon of the New Testament has not changed since at least Bishop Athanasius in AD 367. The compilers of the King James Bible did not come up with their own list of books: they used the same list that Christians had been using for over 1000 years. Can you point to any books that are found in the King James Bible that were not considered canonical by the Athanasius in 367, the Council of Rome in 382, the Synod of Hippo in 392, the Council of Carthage in 397, the Council of Trent in 1546, etc? Yes, that doesn’t include all sorts of book that were considered unreliable or did not have suitable credentials. What would you expect, that they’d just include anything sent in by any random blogger and call it all authoritative and the Word of God? Of course they had rules and criteria to decide what got included. So no, I don’t blindly follow what other men decided 500 years ago. I’m far worse than that: I follow what other men decided 1650 years ago.

                      As to the Gospels having huge discrepancies: If you mean the rejected ones, sure, that’s why many of them were rejected. If you mean the accepted ones, would you care to give some examples? Most of the alleged discrepancies were resolved centuries ago.

                    • crizz1066

                      I’m too bored now to continue, you’ll twist n weave to stick your narrative as you believe your 100% correct and nothing anyone dsys will sway you. As you’ve already shown you don’t even know the true facts of why your ancestors left England in the 1st place.

                      They were a bunch of bigoted fanatics.

                      I’ll continue to be a decent nice person, not because I’ve scared into I by stories of hell. But because I know it’s the right thing to do. You go pray to your god who allows millions of children to die each and every year due to poverty! Its all in his devine plan the evil twisted bastard. Luckily its mainly little black n brown babies so easy for you to turn blind eye.

                    • jay

                      Yes, I have this narrow-minded view that there are many questions with only one right answer, and that people who disagree with me are wrong. Like if we ask what the formula is to determine the circumference of a circle based on it’s radius, I’d say that the one correct answer is c=2 x pi x r. If someone claims that it is 3 x pi x r or 2 x pi x r squared, I’d say that he is wrong. Of course there are questions where the right answer is not known with a certainty. Like, “Is there life on other planets?” The correct answer may be yes and may be no, but we can’t answer it definitively yet.

                      There are lots of people with PhD’s who are wrong. The simple proof of that is that on many controversial questions, you can find people with PhD’s on both sides. The question is not, How many letters does the speaker have after his name?, but What evidence does he offer? When it comes to a question like, Is there a Heaven and if so, how do you get there?, I’d think that Jesus Christ has excellent credentials: He created the place and he knows. No PhD can claim that. Of course you can say that you don’t believe that Jesus created Heaven. But if you say that he was wrong about how to get there, than on what basis do you say that he was right about the place existing? It sounds like you want to pick and choose what to believe based on what you like.

            • crizz1066

              So how do you know I don’t have the grace to get in?