Life Isn’t All Sunshine And Rainbows

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The 1000 yard stare


Natasha and her younger sister were trafficked to Turkey. “The madam in Istanbul sold us for medicine and a pair of sneakers. Sometimes they [the clients] are dirty and smell of sweat. You have no choice.” (article)


Man spends 30 years on Louisiana death row for a crime he did not commit; exonerated and released with no compensation other than a $20 gift card. Dies a few months after release from cancer (article)


A Japanese executioner tells a Chinese prisoner how to hold his head for a quick decapitation during the Nanking Massacre, China, 1938.


Two bodies were found in the Yangtze River, China with their hands entwined together in red twine. The couples’ family did not agree with the marriage, so the lovers took their lives


The different ways we face death, Polish partisans awaiting execution (WW2) they all have very distinct facial expressions.


The final embrace of a couple stuck in a collapsing building


Woman Films Her Maid Falling From 7th Floor Window Instead Of Helping Her

She survived with only minor injuries


A 10 year old girl in Syria draws what it looked like in her village


Russian man dies after 2-month search for best friend dog (article)

A heartbroken elderly man from the Siberian town of Bratsk died after two months of failed efforts to track down his dog. His one and only wish to meet his beloved pet again touched web users and attracted a host of volunteers.

Vladimir Davydov, 77, was taken to hospital in late March and died of a heart attack on April 1. The search for his pet, 11-year-old German Shepherd Yan, allegedly stolen by dog thieves, was all in vain – despite significant help from the local community.


The last entry of a girl’s diary 

morbid pictures


A letter about depression


Child suicide bombers: “They told us the bombs would not kill us, only the Americans would die and you can come back to us”

Afghan boy suicide bombers tell how they are brainwashed into believing they will survive

The mission was as simple as touching two wires together, the little boy was promised. The resulting blast would obliterate the American infidels — but God would spare him from the flame and shrapnel. Abdul Samat would be unharmed and free to run back to the men who had fitted his bomb vest.

Blindfolded and rigged with his explosive payload, the boy, who was about 13, was driven to his target in the Afghan city of Kandahar, after being plucked from the streets of Quetta in neighbouring Pakistan. Minutes before he was due to execute the attack, however, Abdul realised the lies of his recruiters seeking to turn him into a human bomb.

“When I opened my eyes, I saw it was a very black thing they wanted me to do,” he later recalled.

“I began to cry and shout. People came out of their houses and asked what was wrong. I showed them I had something in my vest. Then they were scared too and called the police who took the bombs off me.”

Afghan security officials say that Abdul’s story is not unusual. In the past year, insurgents have used a wave of child suicide bombers, some as young as 10, on the ruthless assumption that small boys can pass through checkpoints and security cordons more easily than men.

A senior Afghan intelligence official estimated that more than 100 had been intercepted in the past 12 months, including 20 from the Kandahar area in the south. The insurgents seek to exploit the innocence of their recruits and turn it into a weapon.


An 83 year old’s browser history


Vietnamese villagers, including children, huddle in terror moments before being killed by American troops at My Lai, Vietnam, March 16, 1968 (Four Hours In My Lai)


Man pays $350 to cuddle a girl for 4 hours


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  • The Voice of Reason

    Men actually pay for cuddling? Thats just sad. Yawn, the vast majority of folks like that dude bitch and moan about being alone but they actually make a choice to be alone regardless if they realize it or not.

    Its not hard to find a real woman Im living proof of that. Get a gym membership or buy some used dumbbells and free weights and start working out. You gotta grow a pair of fucking nuts, it dont matter what you say shes only going to remember you if you did. And lastly Cher was right girls only wanna have fun, if you’re some moppy miserable dope you’re already taking yourself out of the race cause women and men can feel that shit from a mile away and no one wants to be around a fool like that.

    • MortalDanger

      I am gonna have to agree here. And a lot of it has to do with just lowering your standards. We watch so much pron and other crap that these dudes just set impossible standards. I’m sure a lot of it also has to do with their childhood. Any half-decent father is not going to let his son grow up and be this afraid of women.

      Not to mention the fact that if all you really want to do is cuddle, a lot of women would go for that. First/second/third date w/e + making a move; usually = woman being disappointed. Women use sex to get love, men use love to get sex.

      To that guy: Don’t pay for it and google the “no fap challenge” and in a few weeks you’ll be snuggling with a woman who you wouldn’t have to pay.

      • The Voice of Reason

        Thats whats so sad, it would be so easy to cuddle with a girl on the 2nd 3rd or 4th date then it would be to have sex and that dude just wants to hold a woman, sad.

        The thing that really hit home with me over the whole pron issue was when I heard somewhere, you are not only what you eat you are what you watch as well. And pron yikes that shit changes how you view women, it changes how and what you want from sex, and it destroys how you view women before you watched that shit. Before it was day dreaming about kissing a girl for the first time or just holding her hand or snuggling up close to her for the first time after pron its all about sex thats it. Pron really does fuck you up.

        ” Some people are just SO introverted it is just too hard to change that much. But, we are what we habitually do.”

        Oh I agree 100%, however there are women out there like that too, it may take some work finding them but they are out there.

    • the man from amsterdam

      and the shining beacon of your moderate responses,
      reasonable insights and positivity were the things that attracted a woman to you ? i guarantee you that if you talked to women the way i see you speak here sometimes you would be alone.

      and you imply that if YOU can find a woman easily, anyone can. that implies you haven’t always been so fortunate as you are now with your ease of finding this woman. that means you know its not always that frikkin simple dude. there are so many damn things that can mess things up for people in the love department.
      not everyone is able to pick up a set of weights or get over their fear of talking to women or something. it isn’t always a realized or unrealised choice or not.
      some people get dealt a shit hand and a small part of that group are unable to get over their shitty problems.

      i hope you prove me wrong and really are reasonable and post a reasonable response. something that indicates that you understand my point. and i want to make clear that understanding isn’t necessarily agreeing.

      • The Voice of Reason

        “i guarantee you that if you talked to women the way i see you speak here sometimes you would be alone.”

        I dont give a flying ass fuck, yeah sure some of my opinions are pretty extreme, I dont care what you think of that cause I aint trying to make fucking friends. And thats called having a backbone. I give 0 fucking fucks what anyone thinks of my opinions, theres the door you’re free to leave anytime. And huh yeah I got news for you bud I am getting some, was a virgin till I was 27 and now Im getting action on the regular.

        “reasonable insights and positivity were the things that attracted a woman to you ?”

        Huh no, theres a hell of a lot more involved then that but if you dont have that positivity you’re fucked from the start.

        “and you imply that if YOU can find a woman easily, anyone can.”

        I never implied anything was easy, its possible but it wont be easy. In fact the most enjoyable things in your life will rarely come easy you gotta bust your ass for em.

        “not everyone is able to pick up a set of weights”

        Why not? Its not about being attractive to others, its about feeling good about yourself and having confidence. Let me tell you nothing gives me confidence like what the gym has done, its made feel alive its made me feel like a man and its given me confidence Ive never before had in my life. Women can see confidence thats whats attractive to most of em is confidence, its huge in your ability to attract and get a girl.

        “or get over their fear of talking to women or something.”

        Then dont fucking bitch and moan about being alone. Ive been approached and asked out by 2 women in my entire life neither of which I was interested in. If you go through life waiting for your dream girl to approach you well huh yea it aint ever gonna happen.

        “some people get dealt a shit hand and a small part of that group are unable to get over their shitty problems.”

        I dont know how I feel about saying this but Im going to anyways, if that dude with the seriously fucked up face whos hard to look at can have an awesome attitude throughout his life and not be all moppy and boo hoo poor me this isnt fair no one has a fucking excuse thats going to cut it for me end of story.

        I bashed an article on here a while back on dating advice and a dude saying nice guys dont finish last and hes right nice guys dont finish last, those who are afraid to take chances finish last.

        You do realize how few men approach women anymore these days right? My god if you can get over your fear of talking to women, and yes I use to have that fear to my friend, and approach strange women and joke and laugh with them you’ll already be doing something like 95% of the male population aint.

        • the man from amsterdam

          your response is needlessly agressive dude. chill the fuck out.
          i wanted to give you a tl;dr but after the (mild) shit i gave you i thought it was fair that i read your entire message.

          you are right about alot of things. but if an ugly fuck can get over his shit, that doesn’t mean others can.

          i believe in the right of complaining. a lot of people will disagree with me on this. but if i (no point in lying) and others need to bottle this shit up and push down every negative feeling they get because of the shit they go through they are goin to be alot more fucked up than they already are. theres a reason people cry and complain. its therapeutic. i say this because i get the sense that you passionately disagree with that. intentional or not, your way of speaking, the “message” you are trying to send implies that you think complaining and self pity pisses you off and you disagree with it and people who do it are weak etc.

          you aren’t trying to make friends here, but at least a normal conversation can be nice sometimes right ? why are you so god damn agressive in your response ? “i dont give a flying ass fuck” ? thats anger right there.

          and why arent you sure about how you feel about saying: “if that dude with the seriously fucked up face whos hard to look at can
          have an awesome attitude throughout his life and not be all moppy and
          boo hoo poor me this isnt fair no one has a fucking excuse thats going
          to cut it for me end of story.” ? i dont get that. does this mean that maybe you want to put this message into different words or that you havent thought it out as deeply as you could have ?

          i would appreciate a less aggressive response. and a shorter one. if my messages are as long as yours, and for the record i dont think they are, then i apologize for being an unintentional hypocrite.

          • The Voice of Reason

            Okay you got me there, I was being aggresive for no reason what so ever and I apologize. I do however cuss like a mother fucking sailor most of the time just the way I talk.

            “a lot of people will disagree with me on this.”

            You’re right, because self pity and complaining is being weak, men dont fucking complain. Self pity??? Huh Im sorry my buddy was blown into little pieces of nothing in Iraq only 3 months after marrying his highschool sweat heart, he was 20 years old, he has a daughter he never got to see, a daughter he never got to hold. And you want to self pity??? I dont know what to say.

            Honestly whats so wrong that you have to self pity? Its not worth it. Life’s short, as I just explained it can be very short. You need to enjoy every single day you have because tomorrow could be your last. You need to tell someone and ask for help if you self pity a lot, Im sorry but you really do. I use to do that all the time, I now wake up in the morning and enjoy each day like I never use to before its fucking rad.

            And yes until you stop self pitying and complaining its going to be very hard to get a good decent woman. Its the herd mentality simple as that, when a 1 zebra spooks the entire herd goes beserk its survivial. Well we humans have the same conditioning and even today we still pick up on that, we dont notice we do but we are. If you complain self pity aint happy cheery jokey women can sense that shit yo and they dont want to be a part of that.

            I cant remember if this question was posed at Caveman or somewhere else. But think about that one girl you would die to be with. Now imagine she followed you around for an entire month, would she want to be a part of that? A fun awesome life will do way more for your dating life then money and a good job and nice car.

            And lastly none of the above, I hate using folks like him as an example, dont know why but I just do and always have.

            • the man from amsterdam

              i see your point. and my condolences. i have been on the homefront too and it fucking sucks. more for you because your story didnt end as happy as mine. i dont complain about swearing. thats something alot of people dont know about amsterdam. there’s people there that have raised swearing to an art form. im not claiming there are no americans that aren’t the same as me btw lol. because i know there are.

              i do know life is rad. just bought an xbox one and i’m enjoying the hell out of one of my high school fav’s (halo). but depression isn’t something you just pull out of. and i completely agree with you that women don’t want to be with a guy that is depressed and crying and stuff. but that doesn’t take away anyone’s right to cry and complain. the world aint perfect and a real man isn’t afraid to cry. i’m not ashamed. its just that i don’t get why people don’t see that some people NEED to cry because some people deal with shit differently than others. if a complaint or crying helps me cope with the shit going on in my life i’ll fucking do it. its that simple. it helps me stay sane whilst i work on my shit. and what happened to your friend is fucking awful. what happens to the people in syria and what happens to the people that are being murdered by isis and boko haram is a tragic fucking nightmare, it really is. but that doesn’t mean that other less shitty things aren’t shitty.

              and that “a man doesn’t complain” stuff is in my opinion somewhat bullshit. because a man has the god damn right to conduct himself the way he fucking wants to and chooses to. a man doesn’t let social pressure to be manly pressure him into being someone he isn’t.
              if that involves crying or complaining so be it. if it involves things other people see as childish like pokemon or whatever, so be it. a man does whatever the fuck he wants to. (within reason of course like for example being an asshole or pedofile or something).

              now at least i am getting the feeling we can talk like grown ups. thank you.

              • The Voice of Reason

                Yeah thats fine, I bitch every now and then the traffic sucked my boss is busting my balls etc, when I say complaining I mean all the time and that just brews misery. Now I never said anything about crying, thats fine its a proven fact its a release.

                Ive been depressed it sucks. You just need to know when to ask for help and find something that helps you. My thing is being outdoors, its just awesome hiking camping biking whatever I do it 2-3 times a week and its really helped me.

                “what happens to the people in syria and what happens to the people that
                are being murdered by isis and boko haram is a tragic fucking nightmare,
                it really is. but that doesn’t mean that other less shitty things
                aren’t shitty.”

                Thats huh another thing that helps. I was almost right there with my buddy. I saw a dude get run over by a semi on a motorcycle. Thats what I think, Im alive and they’re dead. Its a miracle to be alive, and to be a citizen in a country in the west that shit is a fucking miracle so many people live in places like Syria and know nothing but violence and death. Its a fucking blessing to be where we are and I dont get down or sad or angry anymore like I use to and that shit has changed my entire view of life. Before I was an angry vidicitive asshole, not even that long ago, not anymore.

                Video games are dope, Im more of a pc man myself. But get out there, learn some new hobbies do something thats kind of scary. I meet an awesome woman I had a fling with for a while skydiving for the first time. And now I love skydiving its fucking dope, its a rush like no other. Plus that shit slows time down. Time passes faster as an adult cause you have less firsts, less learning new shit. If you pick up new hobbies and do shit that kind of scares you, skydiving scared the piss outta me, time will slow down for ya. Got to enjoy every day to the fullest.

                • the man from amsterdam

                  skydiving aint for me, i got a mean fear of heights from that first batman movie. the one from waaaaaay back with micheal keaton as batman. and also, skydiving is way to frikkin expensive. what i wanna do is lose weight. maybe i’ll meet someone at the gym. but dont women constantly get approached at the gym ? i dunno dude.

                  i apreciate what i have in life. i really do. modern technology for example. i have two loving parents and a roof over my head and food on my plate every night.

                  and about living in the west and not some country where aids or opression or war is rampant, i love living in holland. one of the single most liberal places in the world and im proud of that. too bad there is some hate mongering asshole who keeps getting more and more votes. all he’s concerned with is muslims getting into this country. hey asshole, there are other things you have to think about in politics. sorry lol. plus he has weird hair. my country isnt the best country in the world. its one of the best. to get better you need to travel north and east towards Scandinavia. like norway and finland etc.

                  i wanna try new stuff. but i dont like a lot of things lol. and my funds are limited. trying things even once is a problem because then i cant indulge in my regular hobbies. but sometimes, i get lucky and find something new. me and a buddy of mine go to showrooms with classic cars in them. thats something i never would have done on my own. i never did that up until i started doing that with him. and i love cars. and its free lol.
                  i get to see the most outlandish shit. the rarest of the rare. mainly old german and british and italian cars. i stood next to my dream car. how many people can say that ? (for the record, its a 1968 gt500kr mustang)

              • The Voice of Reason

                And I do see theres one thing I addressed you didnt mention I do think needs to be talked about.

                “not everyone is able to pick up a set of weights or get over their fear of talking to women or something.”

                Im 29 years old. In my entire life Ive been asked out by 2 women, neither of which I was interested in. If you are waiting for that girl you would just die to be with to approach you its never, ever going to happen. If you want to be with a great woman you need to approach them and overcome that fear. Its like riding a bike or whatever, you’re going to bust your ass you’re going to get rejected but eventually you’ll start to get good at it and soon it will become second nature.

                And that is one area I am putting my foot down in. If you cant overcome that fear honestly you have no right to bitch or moan about being alone about not having a girlfriend or wife its that simple. Bottom line, if you a man want something its up to you to go fucking get it. I dont care what that is a job a woman learning a new hobby getting in shape its up to you and its that simple. Theres plenty of women out there, plenty of beautiful women who have men being nice to them all day and thats it none of them have the balls to actually approach her, learn to do that and you will find a woman.

                • the man from amsterdam

                  i know dude.

                • the man from amsterdam

                  if you meant complaining “all the time” then why didnt you say that right away lol.

            • the man from amsterdam

              i wanna add something. i do think that complaining too much isn’t really good. nobody likes the company of misery. but complaining a little bit ? yes. that is something i do from time to time.