Friends Hold “Funeral” For Friend Who Is Always With His New Girlfriend

April 18, 2017 | 2 Comments » | Topics: Funny Pictures

We’ve all been there: your good friend starts dating and suddenly disappears off the face of the earth. It’s as though they’re dead. Well, when 20-year-old Keiran Cable from South Wales started to date 19-year-old Jess Ferguson, his friends had the same experience.

After months of unreturned calls and emails, 50 of Cable’s friends decided to surprise him with a fake funeral that included a coffin, hearse, and even a eulogy.

“Keiran had been in a relationship for a few months and it felt like he had died because none of us had seen him since then,” according to his friend Ben Sullivan.“A couple of weeks ago we were all in the pub and we all started saying RIP Keiran.”“We decided if he wasn’t going to come out with us and was going to pretend he was dead then we’d organise a funeral for him.”

“One of the boys, Shaun Bundy, organised most of it and he spent Friday and Saturday making the coffin.”

“[Keiran] had no idea what was going on. He thought he was coming out to watch the rugby but he ended up in a coffin.”

“I borrowed a funeral car and we drove the coffin from pub to pub.”

“Another one of the boys, Daniel Bundock, was the vicar, and gave speeches from the Old Testament.”

“Keiran has had a tough 18 months trying to keep his friendship with his friends alive but sadly the wait is now over and he has floated up to the gates of heaven,” the eulogy read. “What hurts the most is that we were starved of precious time to say our last goodbyes after his relationship status was changed from ‘Single’ to ‘in a Relationship.’”

“The roads were completely closed off, it was epic.”

And what was Cable’s reaction? “I was in complete shock and didn’t know what to do or say.”

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  • The Voice of Reason

    “After months of unreturned calls and emails”

    Hahahaha months? Someone call Genius book of world records that dude just set a new record for the most pussy whipped dude to ever live.

    Yeah we had a buddy who got a chick that was super clingy. We use to hang out almost every day. After he started seeing her that went down to 1-2 times a week and eventually it got to the point where if we asked him to hang out he would say okay 10-20 minutes later he would text back come over to my place. Unless we went to his house he never hung out outside of there, his woman was super controlling it was nuts but he was a dude without a pair and at that point as you can guess we stopped inviting him to do shit with us.

  • Zer0FiveSeven

    I would dump those dorks to smash that also