11 Children Of Teen Parents Reveal What Life Was Like While Growing Up

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1. It wasn’t the greatest. My mother had me when she was 17 and still in school. As a result, my grandparents watched me whenever she wasn’t able to do so, and as time passed, that happened more and more often. They actually ended up raising me but still encouraged a relationship with her. Looking back, I’m convinced that did a lot more harm than good. She just wasn’t ready to be a mother so young; she was the sort who was very social and loved to party and needed to be part of the in-crowd. When she was finally ready for children, she went on to have a replacement kid — a “do-over”, someone once described it — who, to this day, is by far the favorite child. My mother and I are not close at all, and I still have a lot of lingering issues I’ve needed to work through over the years because of it.


2. My parents have two sets of kids. They raised my older brother and I when they were teenagers and had my little brother and sister toward their 30/40s.

Growing up my parents had no money or family support. We didn’t have many toys, we ate simply and the presents we got were necessities wrapped up nicely. What they did have was time and energy and we were rich quality time.

Now my parents are much better off having finished school and established themselves professionally . My (20 years younger) siblings are drowning in toys and camps, playgroups and activities…but my parents are tired. I took for granted how much time and energy my parents had to simply play and engage with me as a kid. I can’t help but see the activities as a way to get the little ones out of the house and the toys as an apology for being burnt out.

I have a great relationship with my parents. I like them as people and enjoy their company. It was (and is) odd to watch them become adults, settle into themselves and their lives. It did set me apart from other kids growing up and of course other parents and teachers whispered. I put effort into living well to spite them. My parents sweat blood to make sure siblings and I have what we need, and we do. Occasionally we joke about about being neighbours in an old folks home and racing walkers down the hallways.

3. I was conceived in her 8th grade year and born that summer. Growing up wasn’t abnormal, I thought everyone had “young parents” so when I saw my peers parents, I thought it was their grandparents.

4. My mother was sixteen when she gave birth to my older sister. My dad was in his forties. So this is half relevant.

When she got pregnant her parents disowned her and she moved from New York to Oregon with my dad.

Growing up it was a strict religious upbringing, obviously dominated by my father. He died when I was young. Which in a way was good, cause my dad was a jerk, but in another way left a highschool drop out stay at home mom the primary breadwinner for two kids, one of whom was disabled.

She was and is a great mom, but at the time she struggled providing for us. We were homeless for a while. Then lived in a popup for a couple years. But eventually she got her GED and a job as a school lunchlady (I ate lots of cafeteria food), continued at school and eventually got a career. She is a teacher now. I’m very proud of her.

I’ve never met any of my extended family.


5. Kinda sucked a lot. They were both too young and emotional to handle each other, let alone us. Tried their best, but they couldn’t answer questions the way kids need. They were still kids themselves


6. My mom gave birth to me five days after her nineteenth birthday and my dad was 25. They gave up a lot to take care of me and be good parents. They moved into my grandparents house and lost a lot of independence and privacy. My dad dropped out of college and worked three jobs. My mom had no idea how to take care of me, so my grandma had to help with almost everything. My mom also gave up her dreams of going to college until I was in middle school and she did her degree online. My parents had a very nasty divorce because they were so young, didn’t know each other very well, and were very stressed out. It sucks and I experienced times of poverty and instability. Try to have kids when you’re ready. It’s a better life for you and your children. But accidents do happen, and when they do, know that all of your sacrifices won’t go unnoticed by your children. I can’t ever thank my parents enough for the things they gave up for me.


7. Mom had me at 18, not long after graduating high school. She’s always been very mature, and was extremely dedicated to taking care of me and meeting my needs. My dad, who was 21 at the time, was a lot less involved, and my parents fought often. they broke up when i was 4, which i honestly think is for the better. My mom always gave all that she had for me and my sister, who came along 2 years after me, and i’m so grateful for her being so mature and determined to put us before anything or anyone else. I love you mom!!!


8. My parents got married and are still together. My dad graduated but my mom never did, we were really poor most of my childhood and teenage years. We were sort of an embarrassing secret for my moms religious family, a mistake and bad thing that she did. My parents missed out on a lot of normal young adult experiences and as a result are still immature like teenagers in a lot of ways. I sometimes felt I was raising them instead of the other way around, impulsive decision and poor financial skills, never planning ahead, neglectful of things like making sure we were clean and had enough school supplies, meals, doctors visits. On the other hand they were fun and more energetic than other peoples parents. We went on lots of vacations and were involved in tons of activities and sports. It was hard for them, and hard for us. In a way I wish they would have gotten abortions because I feel like they could have done so much more with their lives if we hadn’t held them back, its weird to be the cause of somebody elses hardships, especially people you love.


9. My parents were both 17 when I was born.

It sucked at times, especially when I had to take care of the younger siblings and cook starting when I was 7, but my parents loved us so much. I knew from an early age how hard they worked for us so I didn’t mind helping out, it just became our normal.

That’s part of the reason my parents worked to hard, was to keep everything as normal as possible, particularly for my younger siblings.

As I got older when they were in their thirties things became much more steady and now they are just like any other loving lower middle class family. All the kids are doing great.

I’m trying really hard to save money so I can pay for the honeymoon they never got to have because they had me instead.


10. Mum was 16, dad 19 when they had me. I was raised by my dad’s mother, as my mother was too young and immature. My mom didn’t even finish school, my dad graduated. When I was 2 they got jobs in the city and moved there. My grandmother would get monthly allowance to look after me and pay for the necessities. Mom and dad would visit twice every year and bring lots of presents. I went to a prestigious private school and did well in my studies. I missed them a lot, specially my mother but she was never there when I needed her. My grandmother tried her best but sometimes you just need your mom. They tried their best I am very thankful for that, but wish things were different.


11. My mother had me her last year of high school with my father. My father really isn’t a bad guy but he was a stupid 20 year old who loved money. He ended up going to jail for selling drugs while the rest of my family already presumed that since my mom has a child before even graduation high-school she would be unsuccessful ( in a family of high expectations ).

She attended college while her parents watched over me during the day. Which is a good reason why everything turned out okay. She used her resources instead of being prideful and not wanting help with raising a child.

She pulled through and I can honestly say my childhood didn’t miss anything. We lived with my grandparents till I was 6 and she finally got her “Career” job to make it on her own. She was young and smart and did everything for me. She also wasn’t one to deny help when she needed it which is probably why she beat the odds and succeeded so well. So yes as far as I know I had a normal childhood.

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