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April 19, 2017 | 10 Comments » | Topics: main

Trash Your Pron, Quit Masturbating and Crush Life – Knowledge For Men

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A damn fine collection of bewbs, awesomeness and everything in between – Leenks

Report: Walmart Workers Cost Taxpayers $6.2 Billion In Public Assistance – Forbes

Take the money and run: Photos of the real life Bonnie & Clyde – Dangerous Minds

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Quite possibly the hottest babe you will see today (nsfw) – Ehowa

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  • the man from amsterdam

    this website sends a mixed message. it promotes a post that tells you to stop masturbating and trash your pron, yet in the same “awesome stuff around the internet” post, it also has multiple posts with scantily clad women in it.

    not watching pron doesn’t necessarily make you a man, doing what the hell you want (within reason) makes you one. don’t let others dictate your sense of manhood.

    • Tingle

      The whole reasoning to not look at pron is because your dopamine spikes and it creates an addiction cycle where you need more and more and longer and longer.

      Looking at a scantily clad women and appreciating her vapid beauty is a little different. but when you start plunging your stchick for hours and hours every day rewires your brain. And it takes more dopamine to enjoy ANYTHING.

      Another thing is you study analytic psychoanalysis if you don’t masturbate and have random sex your libido will sublime into your unconscious and make you more motivated.

      I could go on, but there are tons of benefits from not stuffing your turkey.

      • MightyMule

        That is all pseudo-science bullshit not supported by legitimate research. Pronography is no more addictive than sex with a partner is, or even watching TV or playing video games. They all release the same chemicals into the brain.

      • the man from amsterdam

        i watch pron, and i don’t feel the need to watch more and more. and if i see a real woman naked, i’ll feel very excited. not everyone works the same.

        • Tingle

          How often do you watch it though? Do spend all day looking at it? Or do your pound your meatcicle once and while? The issue is when you wallop the weasel for hours and hours.

          • the man from amsterdam

            okay, i see your point. i enjoy it to a reasonable extent for a guy in my situation (single for a while). but HOW THE HELL CAN YOU WHACK IT FOR HOURS ON END??????? ARE YOU EVEN HUMAN!!!!!!!?????? lol

            • Tingle

              That’s the addiction part. It might be “Pseudoscience” but the impact it has on people is real. I guess that jackass calls all theories “Pseudoscience”

              • the man from amsterdam

                i agree. although maybe we should refrain from calling eachother names, no matter how much we disagree. i’m no saint, but at leasts lets put in a vague effort.

  • Tingle

    Thank you for posting that Trash your pron article. Men don’t realize how bad pron is for your brain.

  • Bob Frapples

    Walmart doesn’t cost the gov’t $6.2 billion in assistance, the people that work at Walmart that have lived lives making poor life choices cost the gov’t $6.2 billion. If you’re 37 years old working at Walmart making $12/hr and have 2 kids and a girlfriend…. that’s not because Walmart isn’t paying you a living wage, it’s because you fucked up in life. Stop blaming Walmart for dumb people.