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April 21, 2017 | 25 Comments » | Topics: main

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This is what a nation rejecting dictatorship looks like – Imgur

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  • Tingle

    I made a video of me opening the box…Be gentle

    • Pauly Incorrect

      Pretty sweet. If you’re not into the shades I’d be happy to take them of your hands.

      p.s. The fish hook is a tie clip.

      • Tingle

        Yeah my wife told me later, never really used tie clips.

  • Bob Frapples

    “This is what a nation rejecting dictatorship looks like”
    LOL, gotta love it when the liberal douche that runs the site starts posting links about rejecting fascism when the whole dictatorship started out under the guise of socialism. Meanwhile all you ignorant fucks jerked off to Bernie Sanders and his socialism bullshit. The irony is laughable.

    • the man from amsterdam

      you are a textbook example of someone you shouldn’t argue with arguing on the internet.

      • Bob Frapples

        Try understanding where people are coming from before you reply to comments. I’ll explain. The whole fiasco in Venezuela started with decades of socialism which turned into a full dictatorship. This was all accomplished under the guise that gov’t was the answer. They confiscated guns, and censored opposing views.
        Bernie Sanders campaigned on that he was a “democratic” socialist, whatever the fuck that means. Hitler was a Nationalist Socialist. So by calling yourself a “democratic” socialist doesn’t change the basic principles or history of socialism. Currently we have a real-time, real life result of socialism unfolding. To ignore the reality would be like pretending that a dude is a woman just because he puts on a dress… oh wait, nevermind.

        • the man from amsterdam

          what the hell does that dress part mean ? are you one of those guys that believe transgender people are mentally ill ?

          • Tingle

            What @leatherHampsterButt:disqus means is that liberals are denying the reality of what socialism does. It destroys nations and to say otherwise is like a man putting on a dress and pretending to be a woman and to make everyone play along with that IS mentally ill.

          • Bob Frapples

            No, I’m one of those people that know transgender people are mentally ill.

            • the man from amsterdam

              and you also probably believe vaccines cause autism.

              • Bob Frapples

                Not at all. Stop fishing. I was starting to warm up to you because you don’t initially come off as a combative liberal douche, but when you try to defend clearly irrational positions as if science doesn’t factor in, then you fall back in line with the rest of the SJW’s.
                When a person claim’s that they’re Jesus Christ, do you believe them? When a person claims that aliens abducted them and implanted some sort of tracking device in them, do you believe them? When a person “identifies” as an amputee, even though they have full use of all of their limbs and wants to amputate one of them, is that acceptable? When a person “identifies” as a blind person, will you advocate for them to find a doctor to drop acid in their eyes to fulfill their dream? The answer is NO because all of those people are insane. They need to be treated with psycho and drug therapy. Society shouldn’t coddle them and let them live out their retarded fantasy. There is no difference between a person wanting to amputate their leg so they can live as an amputee and a person that wants to split apart their penis and invert it so they can pretend to be a woman. It’s fucking insane. To think otherwise makes me question your ability to differentiate fantasy and reality.

                That’s not to say I’m against anyone mutilating their own bodies any way they see fit. I don’t give a shit. You want to cut off your leg, go ahead. But don’t apply for disability the next week claiming to be disabled. If you want to cut off your dick, go ahead, but don’t expect me to ignore the fact that you are a man. The fact that post-op trans people still need to keep their wound open daily because their own bodies try to close it should show you that it’s nowhere near natural.

                When it came to homosexuality, there are logical explanations for it. Possibly nature, possibly nurture. Some examples of homosexuality in the wild can be used as evidence. But I’m not seeing monkey’s in the wild ripping off their own genitals and pretending to be a female. The reason? It’s not true.

                • the man from amsterdam

                  dude, seriously. its late and i dont want to read all that. not being a douche here. and just because we have opposing views and i believe strongly in mine doesnt mean i am no good. and/or a combative liberal douche.

                • the man from amsterdam

                  but i do apreciate that you wrote all that. thnk you. i am not proud of not wanting to read it. but its been a busy day (applied for a job) and i need to chill with some gta online right now. lets hope the griefers and trolls leave me alone.

        • the man from amsterdam

          the rest of it sounds reasonable though. i don’t think bernie sanders would become a dictator though lol. i think he is the real deal. but everyone is entitled to their opinion. and i do try to understand where people in comment sections come from sometimes, its just that i cant understand it. i cant read your mind. i don’t know what goes on in your head and i don’t know the logic and the thought processes behind your political opinions.
          its just that i have seen you respond on this site before and you usually if not always seem pretty aggressive in your views. and have you ever been able to convince that kind of person with that kind of conviction of anything ? that’s why i said what i said.

          and that real time socialism happening, you mean venezuela right ?

          • Tingle

            It’s not about Bernie becoming a dictator. Its about the policies that would eventually make him an dictator. As countries fail they seek authoritarian rule. And it might have not been the nice grandpa of bernie, it would have been some lunatic after him.

            • the man from amsterdam

              sounds reasonable, but thats based on whther or not yo think sanders would send america to a failing status. there’s all kinds of political ideologies that can mess up a country.

      • Tingle

        You must understand we battle the left all the time and most leftest are lunatics that only understand vitriolic insults. They normally resort to insults after they fail in their arguments, so all that @leatherHampsterButt:disqus is doing is going for the jugular.

        • the man from amsterdam

          maybe the left and the right should stop battling like this all the time and work together like in other countries.

          • Tingle

            The other countries don’t work together, normally their politics is dominated by left and lefter, or totalitarianism. But that’s what makes USA special we have those opposing ideals.

            • the man from amsterdam

              take a good look at dutch poltics right now. and french poltics. in both countries the right is growing really big. and the dutch politicians usually work better with each other than the americans do. all your parties do is try and stop each other. thats all i hear from over there.

              • Tingle

                Are you seriously from Amsterdam? I was there during Kings day celebration. Crazy time.

                • the man from amsterdam

                  what today ? and yes, i really am from amsterdam. not born and raised, but definitely born.

                  • Tingle

                    Nah it was like 2 years ago. I ate at that Chinese restaurant that floats on the water.

                    • the man from amsterdam

                      i’m sure its famous lol. but i moved out 23 years ago so i dont know that one.

  • Pauly Incorrect

    Hey Mr. Caveman.

    Are you on a massive bender or is the site dead? I certainly hope it’s just a case of too many hookers, clowns, midgets, firetrucks, and Mexican donkey shows.