Trophy Hunter Known For Killing Elephants And Lions Gets Eaten By Crocodiles

May 3, 2017 | 26 Comments » | Topics: Interesting

Hunter becomes the hunted; Scott Van Zyl made his living taking wealthy clients on “safaris” for the sole purpose of bringing home trophies like leopards, zebras, wildebeests and even lions. Now, investigators in Zimbabwe believe that Van Zyl ended up on the wrong end of the predator-prey relationship, and DNA tests have confirmed that he was attacked, killed, and eaten by crocodiles while on a hunting trip.

Van Zyl, who ran SS Pro Safaris, offered specials for hunters to spend a week or more on his hunting lands which border nature preserves, with the promise of killing up to seven different species for $9,000. He also offered other hunting expeditions with targets like elephants and giraffes, though specifics for those, including prices, aren’t listed on the company’s site. Photos of clients holding the bodies of several rare species are posted on Van Zyl’s site, along with the motto “Stop whining, go hunting.”

The circumstances surrounding his death are spotty, but reports suggest that Van Zyl and a second hunter and a pack of dogs. The two men split up, choosing to travel on foot alone, but when the dogs returned to the base camp without Van Zyl, his companion knew something was wrong.

His footprints were tracked to a riverbank where searchers found his backpack as well as several large Nile crocodiles. Authorities killed the crocs after getting clearance to do so and subsequently discovered human remains inside the stomach of one of them. Tests of the remains matched Van Zyl. The incident is just one of a handful of fatal crocodile attacks tallied so far in 2017 alone.

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  • Caveman

    Karma can be a right bitch.

  • Dude

    Good riddance, you piece of shit.

  • The Voice of Reason

    Nothing wrong with eating what you kill, in fact its dam tasty but trophy hunters are the worst. I dont care if its a cheetah or a dam deer, taking the head and leaving the body to waste is wrong on every level.

    • MunDane68

      You realize those trophy hunts support villages in the area? That the meat from the kill is a source of food for a group of people unable to farm because they are living on what amounts to a national park? That when the government uses the permits to cull members of over-populated predatory groups, it makes money for the locals doing something that needs to be done anyway? That pressures absolutist groups with no ties to the area in fact make things worse for those there so they can feel like they are good people thousands of miles away?

      • Randy Watson

        plenty of animals out there. no need to kill the endangered ones.

      • MightyMule

        That all sounds great, but the truth is the money from hunting permits goes to corrupt government officials. If they need to feed the villagers then raise a herd of cows. No need to be shooting elephants or big cats to give them meat when other more common animals yield many times more weight.

      • Pirates&Paupers

        mundane, you really need to go feed the crocodiles, Zimbabweans are unable to farm and are starving because their President is an absolute nut case, and their government is disfunctional, not because they live in a national park.

      • tigerface

        Try to spin it any way you want, that fat bastard was shooting animals for “sport” well, he got “sported” by crocs, and I’m glad for it.

      • jeraldine eason

        Bull. That is just an excuse rich fuc*s tell themselves to justify killing endangered animals for no other reason than they like to kill. If they wanted to help local people they could just give them the money they spent on their murder expeditions. They hunt right next to the preserves because they have wiped out all the animals outside the preserve. So get real and stop trying to justify the unjustifiable.

    • Parduc

      No part of that carcass will go to waste.

  • Jac Jac

    The irony is delicious. And so was he.

  • Iamsofakingawesome

    Zyl you later alligator, in a while crocodile.

  • Jacob June

    Too bad that crocodile’s family can’t hang his carcass int eh swamp for the crocs to see. Are we really supposed to feel bad for this scumbag? You did the world a favor by being that crocodile’s meal. Arrivederci!

  • GunsOfNavarone

    Looking at the size of the fat fuck, I bet there was plenty to go around.

  • JRJ21

    Wow,big game hunts feed thousands in Africa,it’s a big part of their economy,,you bigots are so wrong,,hunting preserves game and habitat,what have you done for it.Do you hate farmers that harvest corn,or ranchers that give us beef??

    • Bill Sherman

      you’re just full of shit.

    • CoolJoe

      If hunting/killing endangered species is a big part of their economy I’m going to go out on a limb here and suggest that’s not a sustainable model for the future whatsoever. Only so many elephants, lions, and giraffes to go around. Surely, you’re aware of this.

    • jeraldine eason

      WOW you are so WRONG. if you want to help the people over there send them a herd of cows. Send them birth control so they can get their populations under control. hunting right outside a game preserve is not helping the preserve population, and wiping out a species is NOT good for anybody. if people get hungry can they eat you and your kids? is that justifiable too? and by the way cows are not endangered fool.

  • MattTarango

    LOL! Aside from trophy hunting, especially rare trophies, I don’t have a problem with hunting. But when you play with big beasts, you’re going to have to accept all the consequences, fat boy.

  • GINA

    I cannot believe I feel the way I do, but I do not have sympathy for someone who kills for trophies and especially endangered species. Elephants, rhino’s, and some large cat breeds are going extinct. He was not doing this out of the goodness of his heart to help people eat. He was doing it to line his pockets. He knew that his property lines were along the preserve, which means that he knew that some of the animals would cross over. Is this the same guy that killed the beloved lion? Someone needs to get rid of the dictator there so the people can have a life and not rely on meat from rare animals. The people that paid him, they are no better.

  • jeraldine eason

    Couldn’t happen to a more deserving guy. To bad they killed the croc. they should have given him a reward for ridding the world of an evil idiot. Karma can be wonderful.!!!!

  • Averill McMurtrie

    Bloddy good job Well done crocodile’s

  • payback time bitch! 😀

  • Jbond1038nc18

    Meant to be! Shouldn’t kill animals just for fun. KARMA!

  • fractal

    Am I the only one here who is asking why his friend and went his separate way, when going home?
    Friend was last person to see him alive.
    Perhaps things got a bit less friendly, and the crocs just destroyed the evidence.

  • Timore

    How could anyone defend someone who enjoys killing?