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May 4, 2017 | 1 Comment » | Topics: Man-Up

We live in a generation of angry young men. Men who harbor massive resentment towards women and blame them for their romantic shortcomings. But is that even fair?

You claim that women use and lead you on. That your time is disrespected. You always get friend zoned for no reason. You go online and make grand statements such as, “Women only date assholes”. Then you tell yourself, “This is why I don’t even try in the first place.”

I get it. You’re frustrated by a lack of success, and it hurts.

But maybe you should be pointing the finger at yourself. You let it happen. If you continually allow yourself to be disrespected, then you are to blame. It’s your job to prevent that from occurring or stop it when it does.

Let’s get proactive and break down why you feel used by women:

You expect them to sleep with you by just being there

“I was so nice to her. I listened to all her problems. I treated her with respect! And what do I get out of it? Her telling me that I’m an amazing friend while she sleeps with some other guy. What a biatch.”

Are you even listening to yourself? Do you know how manipulative you sound? You’re admitting that you expected her to have sex with you simply because you spent time with her. You were doing all these “friendly” gestures with strings attached.

Think of a girl in your lifetime that you had zero romantic feelings for. Maybe a co-worker or school friend you weren’t attracted to. If she hung around you and then automatically expected you to hook up with her, how would you feel? Would you sleep with her just because she was nice to you? I don’t think so.

Accept that attraction is an emotion which requires more than just standing around. The only time a girl is supposed to sleep with you is when she’s ready. And she’ll never be ready until she sees you in a sexual light.

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  • The Voice of Reason

    When it comes down to it its pretty simple, whoever sang girls just wanna have fun was completely correct. A fun, exciting lifestyle will do far more for you in the long run then money or being totally shredded or anything else. Learn to be happy more, be more calm and relaxed, and dont let the little things upset you shot even the big things either. Do new things, learn hobbies, just get out there and do something. I met my lady skydiving, now I got an awesome gal and dam I love skydiving I use to be terrified of heights but not so much anymore.

    Anything in life is like riding a bike, you’re going to fall and bust your ass every now and then but eventually you’ll get the hang of it. And just remember, if you’re waiting for that drop dead gorgeous woman to ask you want it aint never gonna happen man.

    And finally, approaching women is always scary and will be probably always be scary for most guys. But if you cant bring yourself to overcome that fear dont you dear turn into one of those bitter asshole motherfuckers who bitch and moan about being in their 40s and never been with a woman or had a girlfriend.