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May 5, 2017 | No Comments » | Topics: Man-Up

It’s becoming more and more apparent that each man has the same amount of control over his life; be it his present or his destiny. This control comes in the form of a decision: how we react to the events, good and bad, that occur in our lives. Strong men choose to see hardship not as a curse, but as a worthy challenge. They choose to control what they can, and understand that what they can’t control is simply fortune working as she does in the lives of all men.

The weak man chooses to see the hardships that come into his life as a curse, as things that happen to him out of some form of celestial spite, and rather than working hard and acting with self-reliance, he pouts and cries and curses the world that has cursed him.

It’s important to understand the power you hold over your life, which is the power to react to whatever happens however you like. I urge you to react as the warrior does, not as the coward tends to.

If only” is the phrase of the coward.

“If only I were taller, smarter, better-looking, richer, tougher, happier, more talented.” “If only” is the phrase of the coward.

If only is dependent on things being not as they are, and things being as they are is a matter of perspective. We each have something to offer, and if we lack talent or natural ability, pure hard work can make up for anything.

Never say the words “if only”. Things are the way they are and only the coward “wishes” them to be different.

Man up and do something about your circumstances. YOU hold the power over your life, don’t give up that power by uttering those two useless words.

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