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May 15, 2017 | 1 Comment » | Topics: TRUTH

So your penis is gigantic. What’s up with that?

That it is. It’s been big for quite a few years, so I suppose I’m used to it. It’s fun and I love it. It’s an ego boost and it gets girls. While many guys try to be the biggest gym-wise, the richest, or anything like that and know that doing this helps bring the girls, I have learned that a girl would, given even chance, choose a huge dick over any of those.

Show-er or grow-er?

Grower i guess, 8” soft to 12.5” hard

Understandable. I’d choose a gargantuan penis over gargantuan forearms. Are you going to do porn?

I’ve had a ton of people tell me I should go into porn but I still don’t want to for a few reasons. I don’t want to expose my identity through film for the world, also my body is not yet incredibly fit enough to be a porn star…I am fit for sure, but I’d rather continue to get bigger muscle-wise before I’d start something like that.

When you are in public do you find women staring at your bulge? Do they ever approach you after?

This happens all day every day in public. I think that women talk a lot about guys that look at their boobs, its the same for women, just as nosey. hahah. I don’t mind it much but like some women say “my eyes are up here” its kinda funny.

In terms of approach, not many women are brave enough to do something like that, but I sometimes will do it for them if they seem interested. I have had a dozen or so times like that where they have approached.

When you walk down the street, do you scoff at all the other men knowing your penis is larger?

I don’t scoff at anyone, but when someone pisses me off I chuckle quietly to myself about how I will always be bigger.

Have any of your guy friends seen you naked? How jealous were they?

They have stared too. One funny story – one time I was very drunk with a friend and a few days earlier I had changed in front of the guy and he saw it, and basically he says “i knew you had a huge dick, my girlfriend told me a rumor” haha

How is sex for you? How hard or rough or deep can you go before she tried to run away?

I’ve learned through my experiences that foreplay is key. Lube and foreplay. I’ve also learned how to go slowly. Sex for me is good, and I always take extra care to make sure its the same for my partner. “Rough or deep” depends on the partner.

Does it go all the way in? 

Nope not all the way usually, like 50-80% for most, which is good. I have had girls take all of it though. The average vag is not that big, but i’m not an expert.

What’s the best part about having a huge penis?

I love girls’ reaction faces, I think it’s one of the best things ever and usually seeing a good reaction makes me even harder. I love the fact that nearly every girl I’ve been with has mentioned on her own that sex with me was the best she has ever had.

What’s the worst part about having a goliath jimmy?

Partners turned off. Some girls are like “whoa, thats not going in me”. But for the most part I’m extra careful when it comes down to it. With great power, comes great resbonsiblity.

What does being extra careful entail? Do you keep a hand on the shaft to keep it from going all the way in, or what?

Usually its a combination of, 1 – tons of foreplay, i can usually tell with my hand when we are getting closer, dilation and whatnot. 2 – lube, and playing just the tip for a while, 3 – keeping my hand at the end of the shaft (kind of like you said), but to steady it and to make sure that i can push off her or the surrouding bed if she needs it

Any other downsides?

Its very annoying to deal with sometimes in appearances in public. Sometimes it gets unwanted attention. Other times I think certain girls only like me for that. Its annoying to buy clothing for, and so on.

Have you had a relatively long term relationship with anyone since you’ve become sexually active? Or is it too much for a girl to consistently handle?

 I’ve had one long term relationship since I turned 18, it was about 10 months. She was a relatively skinny girl (probably like 125 lbs), but once we got it in stride it wasnt a problem at all. Sex every day is something we relished.

Do you feel like being at the far end of the penis bell curve has opened or closed more doors for you as far as access to sexual partners is concerned?

Good question – I would say opened, mostly because I go to college, word spreads as it will and whatnot. I would say there have only been maybe like 5 girls total who have crossed their legs and says “noooope” 

When did you first learn your penis was larger than everyone else’s?

I learned in 5th grade, when (this is going to seem very odd) I was in the bathroom and my friend in the stall next to me wanted to see who could backup further and still pee in the urinal. He didn’t say anything, but I noticed that I was at least three times bigger–which was confirmed in 6th grade, my first year of middle school…we had gym locker rooms. I was about 6” soft.

Are you doing what you wanted to do growing up? What I mean is, has your cock steered your life in a direction that you didn’t expect or wouldn’t have wanted as a kid?

Hm, very interesting question. My career or life ambitions have nothing to do with my dick. If anything sometimes it has gotten in the way just in terms of simply not having as much time to focus on the long term goals and aspirations that I’ve set.

Do you like being as big as you are?

I love love love it

If you could change the size to be a little smaller, would you do it?

Nope. I’d choose my size I love it.

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