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May 16, 2017 | 1 Comment » | Topics: main

A dude named Dan provided valuable insight in our Everything You Wanted To Know About Professional Bodybuilding And Steroids post

Ha, ha, ha wow. There is a WHOLE lot he left out. Where do I start:

1. How do bodybuilders afford the steroids? Well, most are drug dealers or doing a lot of gay for pay. Ask Kai Greene about the grapefruit. LOL

2. Lots of these guys think that monitoring their levels and all that bullshit will stop the negative side effects. Too bad many end up like Ronnie Coleman, Mustafa Mohammad, Doran Yates, Flex Wheeler, Tom Prince, etc. Lee Priest actually has a really good pod cast where he talks about steroids and the negative effects. Bottom line, you start down the road, there is little chance you are coming back the same as you were before and not in a good way.

3. Professional bodybuilding is a joke. You hear these assholes talking about steroids like they don’t really need it. “It’s all hard work.” No, it’s not. It’s the drugs and hard work. Don’t ever leave the drugs out. Without them, you are nothing. These guys won’t EVER admit that.

4. The “dirty secret” is that ALL professional bodybuilders and most amateur builders who “aspire” to be pros are on juice. Even in the “natural” circuits where I compete, steroids are there. Just take steroids for years, get off your cycle for three months, piss clean at the show (if they even use piss tests) and move on. Lie detector test? No problem, 10 mg of Valium before going in and you pass easily.

5. I’ve never done steroids but I’ve seen what they do to people. More often than not, guys have to stop. Not because they didn’t know what they were doing but because of how hard these substances are on the body.

6. This guy acts like PCT is a miracle that brings the body back. IT DOESN’T. He can believe all he wants that his levels are “within range.” Typical excuse. Imagine the range is 100 – 1000. You start at 800, do some cycles of steroids and end up at 101. You are still “within range” but you have severely hurt your body. The range I gave above is for free testosterone. The range is that wide.

7. All this work he is putting in pays NOTHING! Unless you get into the big leagues, you don’t make shit. The Jay Cutlers of the world are the top .0001% in bodybuilding and they make their money through endorsements. These guys have to hustle, deal, do gay for pay, etc to make the money they need. No time for a job when you have to train. He also conveniently left out the price of food, which for a bodybuilder, can exceed $1,000 per month IN ADDITION to the HGH, Tren, Test, Clen, D-bol, Decca, etc. Oh, also the doctors, tests, show costs, card costs (for whichever federation you compete in), tanning, transportation to shows….. You get the idea.

The moral of the story, don’t do drugs. These guys are addicts. They will never admit it but they are. They will do WHATEVER IT TAKES to get the drug. If that means getting private “posing lessons” from some balding, fat, middle age guy in his hotel room, oh well, whatever it takes. Some drugs make you look bad and fuck you world, steroids make you look good and fuck your world. Stay away.