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People give more thought to choosing their next Amazon purchase than to choosing their next relationship.

When it comes to romance, everyone is in such a hurry. You jump into a relationship with the first person who shows you interest. You commit to being exclusive before you’ve even gotten a chance to really know each other.

I think that’s insane! You’re playing Russian roulette and hoping that this person is going to be a good match for you.

I know you’re eager to find love, but being in an unhappy relationship is much worse than being alone. Especially if you’re trying to find someone you plan to be with forever, you shouldn’t just settle for anyone. Choosing the wrong person will affect your entire life.

The right partner can help you grow to the best version of yourself. The wrong partner can bring out the worst in you.

The right partner can support you. The wrong partner can use you and leave you more isolated than when you were single.

The right partner can make every experience more beautiful and satisfying than you could imagine. The wrong partner can strip out any shred of happiness from any moment.

So if the difference between a right partner and a wrong one is so obvious, why do we still find ourselves stuck in unfulfilling relationships?

The unhealthy, unrealistic pressure to settle 

Much of society places unfair expectations on others to settle into a relationship. People make sweeping judgements that you’re an asshole player or a heartless bitch if you don’t stay with someone who likes you.

They’re speaking out of insecurity. They somehow believe dating around cheapens romantic connections or true love. But I’d argue the opposite. I’d argue that settling is a major factor in why the porce rate is roughly 48-53% and 41% of marriages experience some form of infidelity.

We are inpiduals with our own values, needs, and expectations. Just because you like someone, doesn’t mean you’re compatible with them.

Being romantically selective doesn’t make you a jerk — it’s the only way you discover what you truly care about and need in a partner. It’s how you learn to be a better partner. And it’s how you create healthy, lasting relationships.

As I’ve written before, you are the only person who knows how to fulfill yourself. So those who might judge you don’t understand that settling hurts everyone in the long run. 

Though it doesn’t always happen right away, settling causes resentment, unhappiness, and regret. Delaying the break-up by months or even years will only result in more pain and suffering – and you’ll wish you didn’t settle in the first place.

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