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All of us have goals.

There’s something we want to do, someplace we want to go, someone we want to be. It appears that we don’t intentionally plan to be stagnant.

But are you progressing towards your intended destination? Or are you drifting away unknowingly?

Most of us are terrible at assessing our current progress. That’s okay, because in reality not everything is measurable. Objective metrics are difficult to come across for every situation, and often inconvenient.

The problem is that we consciously choose not to take action despite being fully in control of our situation. We take the path of least resistance because we’re programmed that way. We avoid pain and maximise pleasure, to our detriment.

Fog Of War

One of the reasons why we don’t do what’s best for us is because we don’t immediately feel the consequences of our actions. It’s a common occurrence: pleasure in the present becomes pain in the future.

Consider how most people gain weight. Ice cream in the present seems fine because you’re not overweight. It makes sense then, that you have allowance for the occasional treat. But over time, this additional treat becomes a caloric surplus that leads to weight gain.

That’s why fitness experts recommend calorie tracking when the aim is to lose or maintain weight. But life doesn’t work like that. It’s not possible to always measure the impacts of your actions. Once you’ve set into motion a series of events, it becomes impossible to immediately stop the effects from coming into play. You can mitigate it and prevent that from happening in the future, but you can’t retract what you’ve done.

We judge ourselves and base our actions based on the present, but we should really be looking at the future. At any time, our life is on a trajectory that is trending either upwards or downwards — you are the one who decides where that goes.

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