Children Reading To Shelter Dogs To Improve Their Reading Skills And Calm Shy And Fearful Dogs

June 5, 2017 | No Comments » | Topics: Animals, Life

Kinard Elementary School in South Carolina has started a new project that’s enriching the lives of kids and animals in the area. For two days first grade teacher Lauren Demarest took all the first graders to the York County Animal Shelter.

They weren’t there to learn about animals, or walk them, or do any of the other things that usually need doing around the shelter. No, they were there to read to the animals.

Every student had a small picture book, and every one of them was assigned to animal. Each child spent time talking to their animal, and then they read them the book.

The idea is that this project can help both the kids and animals in a number of ways. By being read to, the animals get socialized, and they become friendlier towards humans.

and that helps them to get adopted when people come to look at them.

At the same time, the kids get practice reading, and they get to experience being around animals, which will hopefully help them be kind to furry creatures in the future.

The kids spent time first reading to the cats, then they went into the dog kennels and read there, too. The dogs especially loved the exposure to humans.

It broke through the monotony of their day to day lives in the shelter.

A spokesperson from the shelter has said that since this project began, adoptions have shot way up.

Half of the dogs that had been in the shelter not long ago have been adopted.

Hopefully more projects like these crop up around the country! Share away, people!