A Damn Fine Collection Of Fascinating SPORTS Photos And Videos

June 9, 2017 | 1 Comment » | Topics: Sports

Diego Maradona being confronted by six Belgium players, 1982 World Cup


Wilt Chamberlain’s amazing vertical reach caught in a photographer’s flash


The height of male UFC champions to scale


Travis Fulton vs. Jeremy Bullock bodyslam KO. Bullock broke a vertebrae and was carried out on a stretcher, it was his first and only fight. At the time, Fulton was a veteran of over 60 fights and outweighed Bullock by over 30 lbs


In 1989, the Detroit Lions drafted Barry Sanders. Here he is being toured through the Pontiac Silverdome by coach Wayne Fontes


Barry Sanders, we all know he’s great, but look at how great


Horse named “Horsey McHorseface” pulls away for first Australian win 


Bali United players celebrated a goal in the best way to answer intolerance issue in Indonesia


Partially blind fan offers official his cane


Top 15 NFL players by Career Earnings 


Awesome Bo Jackson Run


Kobe with the savage roast on Jalen Rose

For those that do not know the reference, Jalen Rose injured Kobe by closing out on him (similar to Leonard ‘s injury). Kobe later scored 81 points on Jalen while he was playing for the raptors


Mayor of Nashville Knows How To Make America Great Again 


Joe DiMaggio batting, 1941


Marilyn Monroe and Joe Dimaggio at the Fairmont Banff Hotel in Banff, Canada, five months before their wedding. August 19, 1953

Following Marilyn Monroe’s death, Joe DiMaggio was so devastated he held a private funeral barring all the Hollywood elite, delivered roses to her grave three times a week for over 20 years, never remarried, and his last words were “I’ll finally get to see Marilyn.” 



Team intentionally hits umpire with pitch after a bad call


Professional hockey is a hell of a drug


Alex Honnold free solo climb El Capitan with no ropes


This is what happens after a fight in rugby


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