A Damn Fine Collection Of Fascinating Photos

June 12, 2017 | 2 Comments » | Topics: Interesting

Meanwhile in the UK… “Lord Buckethead” who ran against Theresa May


 Alex Honnold free solo climbing El Capitan


Smirnoff’s new ad….spicy!


Hospital staff bow to an organ donor in China


Pacific Storm from 37,000 feet above the ocean


A 100 year old paper article about ‘climate change’


Gal Gadot AKA Wonder Woman drafting into the army at 18 years old 

Gadot served for two years as an enlisted soldier in the Israel Defense Forces, serving as a combat fitness trainer. She says of her time in the army: “You give two or three years, and it’s not about you. You learn discipline and respect.”

Hot Girls Of The Israeli Defense Force


Three generations of an albino family in India


German special forces wearing chainmail armor against stabbing or cutting weapons


#1 Chess World Champion Magnus Carlson beat ten chess-enthusiast lawyers at the same time. He did it blindfolded, facing the opposite direction. After the matches, he signed an autograph for one of his opponents and proceeded to write a list of every single move that was made in their match.


450-year-old Horse armor 


Video game graphics look like real life!


This guy tried to rob a tattoo artist in Brazil 

“I’m a thief and a loser.”


Napoleon Bonaparte’s firearm 


Anti human trafficking device inside toilet of a restaurant


Water park in the aquatics center in Beijing that was built for the 2008 summer Olympics 

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