Hot Teacher Arrested After Having Sex With Three Of Her Students

June 12, 2017 | 68 Comments » | Topics: Interesting

A North Carolina teacher was arrested and charged with sexual assault, after an investigation reportedly revealed sexual relationships with at least three of her male students.

Erin McAuliffe, a 25-year-old teacher at Rocky Mount Prep, has been under investigation since May 5, when local police were informed by administrators at the school of possible inappropriate conduct. Detectives spoke with numerous faculty members and students at the school, and eventually concluded McAuliffe had sexual contact with three different male students off-campus, aged 16, 17, and 17 years old respectively.

The school said Friday she was removed from the school on May 4 and fired on May 8, after school administrators learned about the accusations against her and reported them to police.

McCauliffe was charged with three counts of sexual activity with a student, and one count of indecent liberties with a minor. The former teacher was placed in Carteret County jail on $20,000 bond on Thursday, and court records show she posted bond Friday afternoon.

According to her resume, at Rocky Mount, McAuliffe taught math III, advanced functions and pre-calculus. She also offered “after-school tutoring to help struggling students improve their critical thinking and problem-solving skills.”

McAuliffe also worked to “develop alternate enrichment activities and modifications in student programs to increase student understanding.”

I’m going to assume she got caught after one or all of the boys bragged to their friends about how they boned the math teacher and word got around the entire school. If you’re in high school and get a chance to smash a hot math teacher like this, keep your mouth shut and let others get a chance to get in on this action.




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  • MattTarango

    Looks like hotsy-totsy was not good at problem solving and critical thinking.

  • The Voice of Reason

    Heres what I never understood about this whole sleeping with your students thing. Public teachers in America really dont make much money, if you want to get into teaching to make money you sure dont want to teach K1-12 public school in America hell no. So they spent all that time and money to become a teacher to work somewhere where they wont get paid peanuts, and they’re willing to risk their job for a quick fuck? Doesnt make sense, her teaching career is finished. Look at her, if she wanted the D she could have walked into any bar and had her pick of the place.

    • David Melton

      Yeah, living in NC, I know this state ranks in the bottom 10 in public school teacher pay. In fact our Republican general assembly just took almost a billion $ from the public school funds to fund their private school voucher program. So pay for public schools teachers isn’t going up anytime soon. There ought to be some “fringe benefits” of some kind … like maybe appointing male coaches to the female sports teams like the swim teams, and vice versa. :-))

      • don416


      • David Melton, you are confused. Actually, after years of teacher pay stagnation under the Democrats, the Republicans in the NC General Assembly have raised NC teacher pay, quite substantially.

        More fundamentally, you are confused about the effect of school choice on teacher pay. School choice (vouchers, charter schools, etc.) gives parents choices about where to send their children to school, that’s all. When a student moves from one school to another, the cost of educating that student moves with him, and so must the money.

        School choice doesn’t lower teacher pay, it just lets you choose better options for your children, if your child is not thriving in the school to which the government school district assigned him.

        It also gives teachers more choices. Without school choice, if a teacher happens to live near the boundary between two school districts, he or she may have two choices, about where to work. Otherwise she’ll have only one, in most places, because most private schools cannot afford to pay competitive salaries. Vouchers enable private schools to pay competitive salaries, so that teachers can work there without starving.

    • mountainmanme4

      You should see how prespsoterously outrageously highly overpaid the teachers are in the school district ilve in are, there are 60 + teachers amking in excess of 100,000 per year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Pauly Incorrect

    She causes enrichment activities and modifications in my pants.

    • SomeoneYouKnow

      Was it all 3 at the same time?

  • Bob Frapples

    Is it really a crime if the “victim” masterbates to it?

  • Bill

    There were no teachers like that when I was in school… Damn!

    • M Henderson

      Me neither,had I had the chance at something like that when I was in school asured I would have kept MY MOUTH Shut!! Would have enjoyed having a nibble of that now and again. Kids today are off in their heads,or there are many girls that are putting out that guys can pick and choose from the lot. It’s a shame that the guys didn’t keep their mouths SHUT! and let others enjoy that fruit!

      • TeaPartyPatriot

        Either you have a “friend with privileges” in high school or you ain’t shit. That goes for guys and gals. In college they continually go out just to find a “hook up” for the night

    • mountainmanme4

      Either that or those who were getting some were smart enough to keep their mouths shut! My school had no teachers like that either.

    • jrford

      I didn’t have any teachers like that either, they all looked like Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, male and female.

      • hawgowar

        Mine more closely resembles the dinosaurs in One Million Years BC than they did Raquel Welch in the same movie. Speaking of whom, she’s still fine at 77. She looks better now, at 77, than my teachers did in their thirties.

    • SomeoneYouKnow

      I don’t care what she did. She is way to Hot to lock up!

      • Mr_Joshua

        She’ll be “gay for the stay” as the women say in prison. I’d just like to watch that.

  • David Melton

    … and she’ll probably serve less than 2 years in jail, be labeled a ‘cougar’, then registered as a ‘pedo’ for a while. If rolls were reversed, and it been a male teacher … 10-15 years in prison minimum, big fine, entire life registered as ‘pedo’, etc, etc – life totally ruined. Although age consent is 16 in NC, where they get you here is the “5 years or less of age difference” rule. It pays to read the “fine print” if you’re gonna play with the youngsters. Nice looking teacher, though … none of my teachers in HS looked like that. Life is not fair.

    • James From Miami

      Why should she be registered as a pedo, if she is most likely an ephebophile? That does not make any sense. Call her what she is, an ephebophile. It’s really sad that most people in the United States do not know what an ephebophile is. Most people never even heard of that word. Really sad. But, I’ll just blame the media for that. And by the way, nobody, whether male, or female, should ever be arrested for having sex with a person that is old enough to go to prison for the rest of his, or her life, if he, or she, ever gets charged as a legal adult for commiting a violent crime anywhere in the world. Do you understand what I’m saying? They, the powers that be, feel that they can make whatever rules that they want (no matter how unconstitutional they might be), and do whatever the hell they want. They want to have it both ways, and that’s not right. But why are we allowing this to go on? That’s what I really want to know.

      • Alex

        …said the pedophile

        • James From Miami

          I hope for your own sake that you are not talking to me, Alex. Besides, I do not waste my time talking to ignorant people that have been brainwashed by politicians.

          • Alex

            good thing you’re only wasting your time talking to someone smarter than you instead.

            • James From Miami

              Whatever, mind control victim. Adios, and get well soon, zombie. Now, fvck off.

              • Alex

                still waiting for a better response, pedo

                • James From Miami

                  Hey, pal, the only pedo is your father who molested you when you were five. Now, get back to your boyfriend. He’s missing you, and your molested ass, very much. So, adios again, sheeple.

                  • Alex

                    you keep saying goodbye, but you keep coming back. not sure what for, since there aren’t any underage kids for you here, but, well, here you are.

                    • aarrggh7h

                      brilliant dismissal. kudos

                    • James From Miami

                      And who the fuck are you, his boyfriend? No wonder you call yourself, aarrggh7h. That’s the noise that you make when Alex fucks you in your ass. Aarrgghh! And the number 7 in your name, it is self explanatory. You zombie butt pirate liberals are all so freaking funny. Continue with your comedy, and keep us laughing, you joker. And don’t forget to make 7 up yours. Aarrgghh! You freak.

                    • James From Miami

                      Well, I keep saying goodbye, but you keep saying hello. And for your information you little bitch, you were the one that came on to me with your gay/pedo friend invitation request, not the other way around. And by the way, homo, why are you bringing kids into a conversation about adolescents? Are you trying to tell me something? Are you into little kids? Sorry to disappoint you, hoe, but I like women. You know, with hair on the pu$$y. Have you ever even seen one? So, no, I don’t like kids, or twinks like you. So, fvck off, already. Oh, and by the way, If I ever catch you molesting a little kid, I’m gonna break every bone in your body, and then I’m going to rip your fvcking head off with my bare hands. I don’t play that shit, fool. Now, go back to fvcking yourself, you sick liberal wacko.

                    • Alex

                      …said the pedo

                    • James From Miami

                      The only pedo in here is obviously you, Alex, that is why you keep on bringing pedos into some website’s article that is not even about pedos. You really must have a pedo fetish. And I already told you that I am not into your weird sick lifestyle. So, fuck off already. Have some pride(pride, that’s funny), even if it is just a little tiny bit of it that is left inside of your confused little soul.

                    • Alex

                      …did you really just try to come back, use basically the same insults as before, and expect anything else than for me to call you a pedophile with a weak comeback of trying to accuse other people of being the exact thing you are?


                    • James From Miami

                      You’re the pedo, you fucking faggot.

                    • Alex

                      i love how much this still bothers you, pedo

                    • Alex

                      did you a favor, this should help with your problem

    • jimmysez

      Plus those in authority aren’t supposed to take advantage of those under their guidance.

  • SomeoneYouKnow


  • Hardened Cynic

    Where were the teachers like this when I was in high school.

    • MattTarango

      They were there, you just didn’t see them. For one thing, teacher’s usually do not dress like that at school. Pull this slut’s hair back, no make up, dress her in proper attire, and she turns invisible to most horny teenagers.

  • lou g

    Same old story. Young horny boys will take on anything that comes their way. But when they have sex with a woman older than them, the woman will get punished, but the boys will be treated as “boys will be boys”. However, I don’t understand why a good looking woman like this, wants a boy, when she surely can have just about any man she wants. Wayyy back in my day, we didn’t have teachers this good looking, nor any wanting to do young boys.

    • James From Miami

      Well, that’s because most women today are attracted to beta male boys, like Justin Timberlake, or worse, Justin Bieber, unlike the women from back in the old days who were attracted to real men who were alpha males, like Burt Reynolds, or Tom Selleck. Maybe it’s something that they are putting in the water supply, or the processed foods, or spraying in the air. Or brainwashing that they could be doing by using television, or music, or movies. Or it could be a combination of all of those things.

      • Jet Moscoso

        Because Nothing makes a girl feel more like a woman than a man who sings like a boy =P

        • James From Miami

          What can I tell you. We are living in strange days, just like that movie. We’re not in Kansas anymore. I mean, we’re not in the 20th century anymore.

  • James From Miami

    Wait. The age of consent in North Carolina is sixteen. And two of the guys are seventeen, right? Then, what the fvck is the problem here? Is this arrest even legal? Or constitutional? And, does the state of North Carolina by any chance, charges legally minor teenagers as adults when they commit violent crimes? You bet your @$$ they do. And so do most of the other states. If not, all of them. If you’re old enough to go to prison, and quite possibly for the rest of your life, specially if you don’t get to have the possibility of parole, then you are old enough to be able to live your own life as you see fit. So, if you want to have a job instead of going to school, then fine. Or, if you want to get married, or not. You should be old enough to make those kinds of decisions with your life if you’re old enough to be treated as a legal adult. Anyway, the hypocrisy in this country is through the roof. These assholes just wanted to arrest this poor woman because they just felt like it, and that’s all. I really hope for her sake, that she has a very good lawyer, because they do not seem to have a good case against her at all. They are just making up rules as they go along. So, spare me the bs that this lady commited an actual crime. Save that crap for someone who is actually stupid enough to believe that idiotic nonsense. And then people have the nerves to ask why are teenagers in the United States so angry, and out of control. Well, there you have it. If you want to treat them like children, instead of adolescents, then that’s exactly what you’ll get, America. A society of angry young people. Get it? Disgusting hypocrites.

    • pack04

      There is a little more to the law then just age of consent, but as you are obviously so smart as you showed in your previous comments I’ll let you look into that (or just read into what other commentors have already stated here HINT).
      As you said it is “really sad” and “most people in the United States don’t know” the laws they are commenting on. So as I look down my nose at you kind sir, before you go tell people how wrong they are and even more foolish question if the arrest is even legal or constitutional, I would again suggest you look into it a little further. Do you really think you really just cracked the case and that the school, the sheriff’s DEPARTMENT, the COUNTY DA, and the media are all fools and just missed the fact that these boys are all at or above the age of consent (although it didn’t say that it happened when they were these ages)? Or is it just possible that you don’t know enough about the law to realize there is a little more to it then just age of consent?

      • James From Miami

        Look here, pack04, my comment is about these politicians who are just making up shit as they go along, and the uninformed sheep like people who go along with this nonsense. Now, just to make you happy, I’ll say that maybe the sixteen year old guy was probably fifteen at the time that he fvcked that lady(which I highly doubt that), the point of my comment was that that young man would be charged as a fvcking legal adult if he ever commited a violent crime in that fvcking state. Get it? And now at days in some places, any of these young adolescent people can be charged with any felony, and it doesn’t even have to be a violent crime. And that was the point of my comment. And yes, I know about these so called law enforcement people(aka lying crooks), and their many ways of how they use technicalities, and other bs that they do when they want to go after somebody. The only abuse been commited here is on this lady by these people. Which you seem to be fine with it. Now, I do not know, or even care about what kind that is that you were talking about a while ago, but, do yourself a huge favor, and stick your nose right back in your elitist ass, along with the rest of your head. Since that is how you live your life anyway. So, just move along, these aren’t the droids that you’re looking for, sheeple.

        • pack04

          Ah my friend “James from Miami”, I see you are still going on how you think the laws SHOULD work and not how they actually do. See this is fairly simple, even for those that can’t comprehend that the law is the law and your opinion on the law doesn’t matter at all. My “elitist ass” as you called me (I assume you mean educated), still reads the same clear cut article about a teacher having sex with underage KIDS. If this was a 67 year old man having sex with GIRLS aged 13, using your own argument there is nothing wrong here and this shouldn’t be against the law. I mean a 13 year old can be charged as an adult in a violent crime (which has nothing to do with anything) so obviously you think they can make their on disisions. If you are using the “they can be tried as adults if committing a violent crime” then hell let’s allow the military fighting age, smoking age, driving age, drinking age etc. be 13. How someone of your stature argue that? You don’t have a daughter do you? Let’s hope not.

          I see that everyone you don’t agree with is a fool and all the “so called law enforcement people (aka lying crooks), and their many ways of how they use technicalities, and other bs that they do when they want to go after somebody”. So basically you are right, we are wrong. You are smart….we are ignorant (sorry I’ll dumb that down for you – stupid). All police are crooked and all D.A.s don’t even know the law. Thank you for clarrify that….I was blind but now I see.

          Do me a favor…..let me know how this case turns out. Of course I’m sure it will be complete BS and a conspiracy when it doesn’t go your way and she is found guilty LIKE EVERY OTHER TIME THIS HAS HAPPEN you damn fool.

  • Phil

    I know, I know. There are those out there that believe that 16 yr. old and 17 yr. old ‘boys’ don’t know what they are doing and can be easily ‘forced’ to participate in sexual acts with their teachers. Those poor little things. However, in my humble opinion, those three ‘boys’ should receive the very same sentence as the teacher, who obviously out-muscled and overwhelmed them into having non-consensual sex!

  • Travel-n-man

    Man, I somehow missed that class when I was in school !

  • Tengu 天狗 Slayer of Vanity

    Ms. McAuliffe was teaching her students how to multiply.

  • thumper79

    idiots! you save that story for your grandkids! also if i told one of my buddies they would have called “DIBS”

  • Chyppa Homer

    Good looking babes shouldn`t be prosecuted for banging teenage boys. That`s not pedophylia, it`s fulfilling dreams, dammit ! We never hat shit like that at Carida

  • MattTarango

    Look, all things considered, most grown adults should already know, you do not have sex at work. Just ask George Costanza.

  • TeaPartyPatriot

    They want to castrate males who are found guilty of rape. What are they gonna do with females who are found guilty of rape?

  • Dindoo Nuffin

    I’m looking to be tutored…jes sayin.

  • Arthur Machado

    Damn, to be 17 with a teacher like that. I’m sure those boys will be traumatized for life. Sheesh, I guess Mrs. Robinson would be in jail now.

    • Greg

      Miss Clark,,,,from the bottom of my heart,,,thank you!!! “)

  • Dogchat58

    A criminal in her own mind. Self centered woman who should be in jail.

  • Insaneindamembwane

    Mother want another?

  • Joseph LaForgia

    If my boys ever got a piece like that and fucked it up by blabbing, I’d beat the shit out of them for ruining a persons life because they couldn’t keep their mouths shut !!! Girls like that only come around every once in awhile. Just imagine how hard they gave it to her. At 16 I could’ve gone on for hours and hours !!! Stupid kids ruined it for themselves !!!

  • jfish

    The idiot with the big mouth should service her sentence.
    I sucked at math but never had math suck me….damn!
    Our football coaches boned the senior girls, Hillsborough HS Tampa Fl in the 70s.

    • ddhartma

      Our 1970 graduating class had 2 girls pregnant from a couple of Senior boys, and 3 who were pregnant by the football coach (class of approximately 35 students). And no female teachers that were even “warm” let alone “hot”. lol

  • Jack

    “This isn’t awesome, this is child abuse” I know I know… Blah blah blah. But wow… where were these teachers when I was in school? This is a dream come true for me…

  • John Long

    I’ll post her bond, she can earn it back….

  • Birdfish




    • Birdfish




    • Birdfish


  • DC is Evil

    The only way this story could be any better is if she had been hooking up with her female students.