The Daily Man-Up

June 14, 2017 | 2 Comments » | Topics: Man-Up

I get many jokes about my appearance. It’s understood. If I didn’t look the way I did and saw somebody who had my appearance I probably would have some funny shit to say too. Hell I even have fun about myself sometimes too. But this is what I know. I know for a fact I won’t get another chance at this life. I know for a fact it could of been me and not my grandfather left in the fire. I know I speak for the thousands of others who are afraid to show their face because the fear of being judged. It’s not our fault. We didn’t say "hell yea I want that fire" we all have a test. Mine starts with accepting my appearance in myself that’s why there is nothing anybody can say to me that would hurt my feelings. I hope my battle helps you with your insecurities. If I can walk with my head up high then there is nothing you have to hide. Express yourself and be yourself. Thank you all for your support.

Ken Dawg

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  • Candy

    What we have right here is a MAN

    • BigBadBootyMacDaddy

      I second that