A Damn Fine Collection Of Fascinating Photos And Videos

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This 2,000-Year-Old Chinese Woman Is One Of The Most Well-Preserved Mummies In The World (article)

She died in 163 BC. When they found her in 1971, her hair was intact, her skin was soft to the touch, and her veins still housed type-A blood.

Xin Zhui was discovered in 1971, when workers digging near an air raid shelter near Changsha practically stumbled across her massive tomb. Her funnel-like crypt contained more than 1,000 precious artifacts, including makeup, toiletries, hundreds of pieces of lacquerware, and 162 carved wooden figures which represented her staff of servants. A meal was even laid out to be enjoyed by Xin Zhui in the afterlife.


2 surgeons after successfully removing a set of brain tumors during a 32 hour surgery


After a 23 hrs long heart surgery | Dr. Zbigniew Religa keeping watch on the vital signs of a patient | His assistant fell asleep in the corner.


This ingenious device saves small animals – such as frogs, salamanders, mice or chipmunks – from drowning after they fall in a pool


Nikos Giannopoulos, Rhode Island Teacher of the Year, decided to be “visibly queer” in his White House picture with the Trumps 


Volkswagen is going to bring the bus back into production 


Sumiteru Taniguchi, survivor of the bombing of Nagasaki


The future of stitches


Ballerina Sue Jin Kang’s feet 


In Saudi Arabia, the Starbucks logo doesn’t have the siren in it 


A cannabis garden in a corn field


Industrial Meth lab found in the Philippines…Walter White would be proud!


We should end our War on Drugs like Portugal did.


Tents at Glastonbury


A walk around the Glastonbury festival campsite after everyone has gone home.


This is what a pro-wrestling script looks like (article)

fascinating photos

fascinating photos


Bodybuilder turning 80 this year compared to himself at 40

fascinating photos


Most U.S. Presidents have been Christian. But how do they break down by denomination?



The Richest Person In Every State


An ordinary container ship is more than as it looks like


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  • Tingle
    • Bob Frapples

      Exactly. The idea that the gay dude was being somehow defiant is laughable.

      • Tingle

        Is that what that was? Defiance?

        *News Flash* Being gay in a western country is no longer avant garde! If you want to be defiant go to the middle east.

        • Bob Frapples

          I know. Please ready my post again. I was agreeing with you.

          • Tingle

            Oh I agree with you too. I just said what I said for others.

            • Bob Frapples

              alrighty then. 😉

      • Bill Sherman

        that’s right, bob. being gay is no longer such a bad thing. so when are you coming out?

        • Bob Frapples

          Why? your boyfriend dump you again?

  • Filip Tubbax

    Time means nothing to a champion, but steroids do…