9 Gloriously Depraved Rock And Roll Stories

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In 1987, Mötley Crüe was part of the Guns N’ Roses Appetite for Destruction Tour. During the tour, Guns N’ Roses was the opening act for a number of poplar bands including Mötley Crüe. On the night of December 23, 1987, Nikki Sixx was doing heroin in guitarist Slash’s hotel room when he suffered a drug overdose. Slash was not in the room at the time, but his girlfriend called the authorities. When the paramedics arrived Sixx was hardly breathing.

During the ride to the hospital Sixx stopped breathing and was declared dead for two minutes. The paramedics continued to apply care to Sixx until he was eventually revived. Nikki claims to have had an out of body experience during the event. When he woke up in the hospital, Sixx ripped the tubes out of his nose and escaped into the parking lot. He hitched a ride to his house wearing just a pair of leather pants. He then continued to shoot up heroin and was found sleeping with the syringe still in his arm. Soon after the story made international news Mötley Crüe entered rehab. In 1989, the band released the hit single Kickstart My Heart, which was inspired by the infamous overdose.

Nikki Six also made a bet with drummer Tommy Lee about who could go the longest without any showering, bathing, or personal hygiene and still bone groupies without them getting sick or leaving. After two months of doing shows and banging hoes, Nikki was getting head from a groupie who got sick and puked all over his crotch. To make it even worse, she threw up undigested spaghetti noodles that got glued up in his pubes. Sixx immediately called Tommy Lee into the room and it became known as The Spaghetti Incident, later the name for a Guns N. Roses album.



The right-wing rocker Ted Nugent is known for being very antidrug and very prowar. The Motor City Madman happily calls out any pussy-ass traitor not ready to grab a gun or a bomb or a nuke and show those towelheads that we mean business. But back during the glory years of the Vietnam war, this most macho chickenhawk in the Republican firmament went to extremes to make sure his own pussy ass didn’t end up in Vietnam, and he used drugs to do it. 

In a 1970s High Times interview, Nugent related the story of how he avoided the draft. For 30 days prior to his appearance before the draft board, the hairy and bearded Nugent stopped brushing his teeth, bathing, washing himself, or combing his hair. He ate nothing but junk food and high-fat foods and drank nothing but Pepsi and beer. 

Then, a week before his physical, Nugent pulled out all the stops. He stopped going to the bathroom. “I did it in my pants. Shit, piss, the whole shot. My pants got crusted up.” Then three days before the exam, Nugent started staying up with the help of crystal meth. 

When he finally went in for the army physical, Nugent was so sick that he passed out during his blood test. During the urine test, he couldn’t pee. And when it came time to give them some excrement, he pulled down his pants and it was all there and ready. In fact, he got it all over his hands and arm. Nugent bragged to High Times, “…in the mail I got this big juicy 4-F. They’d call dead people before they’d call me…. I just wasn’t into it. I was too busy doin’ my own thing.” Didn’t Dick Cheney say something like that? (Nugent has recently claimed that he made this story up.) 



Keith Richards made international headlines after he was asked by a journalist what the strangest thing he ever snorted was. Keith responded: “My father. I snorted my father. He was cremated and I couldn’t resist grinding him up with a little bit of blow. My dad wouldn’t have cared. It went down pretty well, and I’m still alive.”

The comment shocked the journalist and the story instantly became a media sensation. Keith’s manager responded with the statement that the anecdote had been a joke, but many feel the story is true. In the same interview Keith was asked about his most life-threatening drug experience and mentioned an event in which “Someone put strychnine (pesticide) in my dope. It was in Switzerland. I was totally comatose, but I was totally awake. I could listen to everyone, and they were like, he’s dead, he’s dead, waving their fingers and pushing me about. I was thinking I’m not dead.” Richards remembers: “I was number one on the Who’s list of people who were likely to die for 10 years. I mean, I was really disappointed when I fell off the list.”



Ozzy Osbourne is one of the most controversial figures in the history of music. He has sold over 100 million albums and helped popularize the genre of heavy metal. Ozzy has been addicted to drugs for most of his life and experimented with a wide variety of substances. During his career, Osbourne has been involved with two separate incidents in which he bit the head of an animal. In 1981, after signing his first solo record deal, Osbourne bit the head off a dove. In 1982, he bit the head off a bat that he thought was plastic while performing in Des Moines, Iowa. After decapitating the bat Ozzy had to be treated for rabies.

In 1982, Ozzy Osbourne got drunk and urinated on a cenotaph erected in honor of those who died at the Alamo in Texas. He was arrested for the act and banned from the city of San Antonio for a decade. In 1984, Ozzy joined Mötley Crüe on the road and the tour has been called one of the “craziest drug- and alcohol-fueled tours in the history of rock and roll.” During their time in hotel rooms, Ozzy and Nikki Sixx of Mötley Crüe underwent a competition to see who could be the most extreme. After Sixx set himself on fire, Osbourne responded by snorting a line of ants off the pavement. After he snorted them up, some of the ants came out his mouth. The event was highlighted in a book written by Sharon Osbourne. Many accounts say that the ants were fire ants, but this is not confirmed.



If you’ve ever heard a crazy sex story about groupies involving a fish, then it came from an incident involving Led Zeppelin, a band called Vanilla Fudge, the city of Seattle, an 8mm film camera, and a girl who liked being tied up during sex. Here’s how one book describes the event: “The notorious shark episode happened in Seattle at the Edgewater Hotel, where the band was holed up. The hotel sits right on Puget Sound, and the hotel used to loan the rod and reel to the guests so they could fish out their window. Bonham was fishing out of his hotel window the day before and had caught some red snappers and mud sharks. After the show, the band had been drinking with members of Vanilla Fudge and a groupie. According to legend, the girl was tied naked to a bed and had unspeakable things done to her with a sharks nose during an orgy of lust, which was only a little exaggerated. Robert Plant confirmed that the groupie enjoyed the entire shark affair. ‘She loved it. She was not complaining whatsoever. She got up, thanked everyone very much, and that was it.'”



During a European tour stop in Germany, the Ramones were hanging out, drinking, smoking herb, and partying with underage girls. Dee Dee was both a gentleman and a scumbag about the situation. He said, "Within minutes, I had a young babe in a miniskirt sitting on my knee and rubbing her private parts on my leg. ‘I want you so bad Dee Dee; she whispered to me then, kissing my lips. "Do you like to fuck?" she said. "Do you like me? Yes, please. And my sister, she likes you too, very much. She gives great head. Do you want us both?" By the time we left the dressing room two hours later, there were forty-four empty bottles of beer and seven empty wine bottles, trashed on the floor, but no empty condom wrappers.



In the words of former bodyguard Frank Alexander: “I couldn’t count the number of hoochies Pac slept with while I was working with him. I don’t have enough fingers and toes, because it would have to be in the three digits. Suffice it to say, if you were a groupie and you wanted a piece of Pac, chances are, you’d get it. He didn’t dissappoint many fans. Every single video we worked on, he fucked many women on the set. He fucked the extras, the leads, you name it. And we did a lot of videos. As far as movies, it’s the same story. In Italy, he fucked three women over there. On the “How Do U Want It” video, he fucked women all that day, and then he had a sex party the last night. Ron Hightower, the porn director, threw an afterparty that was really an orgy. He snuck out under a table and went to the party, he didn’t want any security that night. Suge, Norris, Roy — shit, nearly every Death Row employee — called me that night looking for him. I knew where he was, and it looked as if he had company, so to speak.”


In 1969-1970, Iggy Pop and his seminal proto-punk band the Stooges lived together outside Detroit in a house they nicknamed “Fun House.” (They also named an album for it.) Besides writing and recording music, they were injecting massive amounts of drugs, mostly heroin. When setting up a hit, the Stooges would squirt the blood out of their syringes and shoot it all over the walls and ceilings. After a while, enough blood had accumulated on the apartment’s walls to create a sort-of degraded smack addict’s Jackson Pollock mural. Ron Asheton, the only Stooge member who was not a junkie and who lived elsewhere, described it “…a lot of times there would be fresh stuff. Then it would dry on to the table or on the floor…. I wish I was smart enough to take pictures of it because it would have been a masterpiece.” 



Jim Morrison was one of the most charismatic singers in the history of rock music. He was a smart man and had a genius-level I.Q. of 149. Morrison was a great poet and was known for using spoken word poetry passages during his live performances. Jim would sing and then talk with the crowd. He was a social rebel that suffered from severe drug and alcohol abuse. 

In Please Kill Me, Ronnie Cutrone, an artist and denizen of Andy Warhol’s 1960s Factory scene described a typical night out with the Doors’ lead vocalist: “Jim would go out, lean up against the bar, order eight screwdrivers, put down six Tuinals on the bar, drink two or three screwdrivers, take two Tuinals, then he’d have to pee, but he couldn’t leave the other five screwdrivers, so he’d take his dick out and pee, and some girl would come up and blow his dick, and then he’d finish the other five screwdrivers and then he’d finish the other four Tuinals, and then he’d pee in his pants, and then Eric Emerson and I would take him home.”

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