The Daily Man-Up

July 6, 2017 | No Comments » | Topics: Man-Up

People pray to win money or to be blessed with things in the future when they already have the blessing to create what they want; life. (Read This: Don’t Set Another Goal Until You Read This)

You’re born with enough to create what you want. It will take longer than you think, much longer, and it will be far more difficult than you think, but you are born with the capacities to create a great life.

Don’t dream about a gift, don’t pray for a gift, don’t wish you were given a gift.

The journey to success – however that’s defined in your heart – is where strength is acquired, toughness is developed, and grit is created.

Most people will blame God or society for them not having what they want, and they’ll never have what they want. Then there are those who realize that blessings they already have, like the ability to breathe, think, solve problems, and most importantly work harder than anyone else if they so choose, and they’ll take the steps necessary for success.

Wishing for a gift and praying for change is ignorant. It’s ignorant of the strength you can potentially create, the change you have the capacity to bring about.

It’s weak in that it puts the blame on someone or something else’s shoulders, giving you an excuse to work less, to quit, to take breaks and give just a little less than what’s necessary.

It’s scary when you realize that you’re responsible for where you are and where you want to end up.

It’s scary because there is no one to blame. You’re going to have to work alone, sometimes with no one around you to encourage you or lift you up. You’re going to fail, often, but within that failure there’s always an opportunity, one usually found in persistence.

When your back’s against the wall and you’ve hit rock bottom, rather than praying for a gift, pray for the strength to keep pushing, because you do have it in you, and pray for wisdom, for the intelligence and the clarity that will help you navigate the often murky waters of life to your promised land. 

– Chad Howse