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July 14, 2017 | No Comments » | Topics: Man-Up

Too many in our society don’t know what weakness is. They don’t know what it is because it’s the norm. It’s what everyone around them does, it’s how they think, it’s who they are and what they expect from themselves.

Realize this:

If you live the life of a pussy, you’re going to live the life of a dependent. You’re going to live a life where others are in control of your present and your future. You’re going to be envious and cynical. You’re never going to realize the talents you possess or the opportunities that have passed you by.

Laziness has never won anyone anything, and neither has weakness.

As a society we need stronger, grittier men, clearly. But on an individual level, if there’s any ounce of you that wants to improve, to become better than the man you currently are, you, like I, are going to have to toughen up.

You’re going to have to forgo many of the habits that you’ve incurred over the years and replace them with new ones.

That is where this article comes in. We’re going to draw the battle lines and give you the weapons to fight.

A pussy is simply a wuss, a weaker version of the warrior within. Don’t get all politically correct and note that it’s also a slang term for a female body part. That’s clearly not what we’re talking about here so bugger off.

When you know what your enemy looks like, where it resides, and how it fights, you can then defeat it with persistence and diligence.

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