14 Graduates Of For-Profit Colleges Reveal Life After Graduating

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My roommate graduated from Devry. He spent the next year working at a grocery store and now works at one of those call centers bugging people over the phone to donate money to various causes.



My husband went to Full Sail for audio engineering. He didn’t end up finding a job in his field. He ended up going to a real college a few years later. His friend that went for graphic design did alright. I wouldn’t call it a total waste though. He had a lot of fun and he’s really good at hooking up the stereo and television. Sometimes I like to be like, “oh no! I can’t figure out why the DVD player isn’t registering sound! If only someone went to school for this and could fix it!” Then he gets to move some cables around and be a hero. Also he will professionally mix dumb little songs that we make up for my amusement. Is this a good use of $30k? That’s up to you to decide.



I went to Medix for medical office assisting, tuition was absurd 12000 for a 9 month course (still paying it off). I now have a government job organising home health care. Im actually going back to school this fall to a regular university for nursing because I realised that the job I currently have is the best I can get in my field, there is no lateral movement and no hope of working my way up in the field. I think these types of colleges are great for people who are looking to start a second career due to layoffs and such, but as a 23 year old it wasnt the best investment.



I have worked for the “Phoenix” for 6 years. I started as an online instructor (Business/Marketing classes). My fulltime job laid me off and I transitioned into a graduate advisor. Currently, I am an admissions advisor.

There are many reasons why “Phoenix” should be shut down.

At the admissions level, we take quantity over quality. I have an unofficial “quota” to fill. Each month, I need to admit a specific number of “students” or I will be written up.

When I admit the prospects, I need to make sure they have a GED/HS Diploma. I also need to make sure they qualify for financial aid. This next part is heresay, but my financial aid department can make anybody qualify for aid. I don’t know if they fudge income, dependants, or ethnicity, but I have seen some fucked up aid. Of course, the financial side of “Phoenix” is glossed over during admissions.

When I was an online instructor, there were times when I wanted to fail students for not fulfiling the assignment criteria. My mentor told me that nobody fails unless they stop posting to the forum, do not turn in an assignment, or fail an online test that has automatic grading (math classes). If someone turns in assignment, they automatically get a “C”. This is to prevent Phoenix students from losing their financial aid due to failing grades. Have you ever heard of someone “failing” out of Phoenix?

When the students graduate, Phoenix is supposed to help place students in a job in which their major can be used. However, since most majors include a mathematics course, Phoenix can say that call center/retail jobs count.



Graduated from Concorde with a certificate for Medical Assisting. It was a really bad idea. I needed a job quick because I’ve spent almost 2 years looking and my unemployment was about to run out. I’ve talked to one of their recruiters and they highly suggested medical assisting.

I passed every class with an A and almost had perfect attendance (I needed to be home with my son because my wife had a job interview). I started noticing it was a bad idea when they had a hard time finding an extern site for me. When they did find one it was almost 100 miles away. I told them I couldn’t do that since I took the bus. 2 months later they found another site. It was in a workers comp office. I was only there for a week before I started noticing i would only be organizing paperwork. I wasn’t doing any actual medical assisting work. Called the school and let them know the situation. They told me it was either that or the site 100 miles away. I decided to bite the bullet and stay there.

Finished everything. Was offered a job at an urgent care for $10 an hour and never bothered attending the graduation. Tried looking for other MA jobs after a few months that paid a little more and offered more hours. Nothing. After talking with my brother, which have been an EMT for almost 6 years, told me that MA jobs are mainly for women because that’s what patients prefer. Doctors rather avoid sexual harassment lawsuits from patients and hire women instead.

Now I’m stuck with an almost $20k student loan and currently making $13.50 an hour at a much better job. Fuck for-profits and I’m glad they’re slowly disappearing.



My ex co-worker graduated from Devry. She worked as an accountant/office “HR” for a small company and still does. The weird thing is that she got the job by knowing a few people so I don’t think her degree mattered.

Although the tuition was a bitch according to her. She was still paying it off the last time I saw her.



My sister in law went to Everest before it shut down, for medical assisting. She got a foot in at Kaiser and seems happy/makes pretty good money, but it bothers me because she could have taken the same curriculum at a local community college for like 1/10 the price and it would have only taken a few more months. Instead she’s going to be stuck with loans for years and years.



I graduate from DeVry in a month. Personally, I’m terrified about the future. The career services are complete shit, so I’m basically on my own trying to find somewhere to use my CIS degree. But more information about the college..

We pay full price, as part of our tuition, for a limited license to an ebook. We can also pay $10 for a printed copy of these books, in black and white, and when they send you half of your book instead of the whole thing, no one actually knows who to call. Oh, and the books are generally 3-5 years old. I recently learned a bunch of CSS stuff that, when I went online for additional help, was explained as outdated and unsupported.

I go online only. Online is deplorable; they hire part time professors, who oftem don’t give a fuck about helping you. You can call student services, but often they just ask you to talk to the professor, and say that they’re looking into it. I didn’t receive replies from a few of my professors, one of which I’ve got a second time.

Onsite it’s not so bad, because the people have to look at you. The disconnect isn’t there, because you can actually talk to their boss; online doesn’t disclose who their boss is. I’ve also recieved tons of help from the financial aid/student advisor people. They feel awful for what I’ve gone through, and have given me a bit of free money, masked as a DeVry scholarship, because they don’t know what else to do. Few others in the campus are useful.

Overall, DeVry is miserable. The only thing I’m okay with is going year round, which works better for me to get out faster. I just wish I’d get out with a job, or some assistance finding one. I don’t recommend ever going to DeVry, unless you have your stuff figured out.



I taught at a State University in California for over 30 years (now retired). During most of that time I was involved in the hiring and evaluation of part-time faculty (about 25-30/year). Applicants with “advanced degrees” from any “for-profit” institution had zero chance of being hired.



My story might be a little more rare, but I got my associate’s degree in nursing from Bryant & Stratton college in their accredited 20-month accelerated program. Passed NCLEX-RN and became a registered nurse on my first try. Got a job right away. Am working on finishing my bachelor’s of science in nursing. It’s been about one year since I graduated and I just accepted a job at one of the best hospitals in my state working on a trauma unit.

In terms of my career, I am doing quite well. HOWEVER, in terms of my debt…Bryant & Stratton was unbelievably expensive.



My wife got a culinary degree from CCA a decade ago. Within a year we had over 40k in student loan debt for a job that in the best case would pay 15 bucks an hour (she didn’t make that much coming out). Basically it was an unmitigated disaster. We shoveled money into those student loans for years and finally paid them off about 4-5 years ago. I don’t even want to think about all of the money I sent to them. She is a stay at home Mom now.

The only upside to any of this is that now our home cooked meals are seriously legit. And that is for life!



I went to a for profit school on the east coast called ECPI. My tuition for an accredited Bachelor in Computer Information Systems was $55k over a 2.5 year period.

I was elligible for about $30k in financial subsidies. (grants / scholarships) during my time at school. My monthly school loan payment is around $360 a month.

I was very lucky / smart to understand early on what i was getting into at that school. I did my work and graduated with a great GPA. However about half way through I took on a tremendous amount of personal study, networking and freelance work to understand the industry i was getting into.

I was very fortunate to earn the opportunities in my internship and first place of business after school. But lots of my friends weren’t. Some even 4 years later are working call center jobs with programming degrees.

Now I work for as a programmer for a company that makes video game merchandise. Its my freaking dream job. Before this place I worked at a digital ad agency. Its been unreal.



Art Institute of Pittsburgh: Online Division, and not great.

Currently $60k in debt (my wife also graduated from there, she’s $100k in debt because no one helped her where I did get help). Making $17.73 an hour as a technical writer, a position I only got by complaining my way into it. I was making $12 an hour as a production operator alongside middle school dropouts, because that’s all I could find, but I managed to get a better paying job because of skills I developed outside of college.

I blame myself, of course – I did not want to go to college at all. I went to Massachusetts College of Art out of high school and I hated everything about it so I asked my mother if I could drop out and wait on going back. She said if I did that I would never go back (probably true) so told me I could leave there if I found another school. I found this nightmare of a school and enrolled ASAP.

I honestly learned some decent stuff at the school but they don’t push you. I should have been getting Cs and Ds but I got straight As. I coasted by because I could. I screwed myself in the process – if I graduated with my “Bachelor’s” in Game Art & Design but also had a decent portfolio, I could have had a better shot at landing a job. But instead I left not much better than I came in. Then again, I also have zero interest in working in the video game industry now, so even if I did do well I would probably be searching for other options.

So now I’m just doing sort of okay, in massive debt for nothing, avoiding my student loan payments because I cannot afford them. I wouldn’t recommend any of it. If I wasn’t a coward and lazy I would have gone to a real college, gotten a real education, and been in less debt with a shot at a job with a decent salary.

The schools will screw you, but it’s your own fault in the end for doing it. I used to blame a lot of things and people but now I know it’s all on me.



I went to DeVry and got a Computer Information Systems degree last decade. After graduating, I couldn’t find a job related to my major and did a number of odd jobs (all <$10/hr) for a few years before getting a Help Desk job at a healthcare organization thanks to knowing someone currently working there. I spent close to 6 years on the Help Desk (2 years taking calls, 3+ years doing procurement) before applying for an applications analyst position on the Medical Informatics side. I consider my current job fairly closely related to what I went to school for, though I am struggling to recall and apply my programming knowledge (which is what I wanted to do and why I went to DeVry in the first place).

All in all, I can’t complain. I consider myself fortunate considering that I wasn’t as good of a student as I could have been and didn’t retain much of my knowledge. Some of my classmates who were better students than me immediately got decent jobs related to their field. Others were not able to find related work.


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