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  • Bob Frapples

    The real problem with the US health system is that there are too many middlemen between the person performing the service and the person receiving the service. Also, insurance should be used in case of emergency, not for routine doctor visits (ex car insurance). Finally, costs of services should be readily available.

    • the man from amsterdam

      the way i understand it is that stuff is too expensive. the big guys in charge can increase the price of stuff way too high. that is why some people buy their epi pens in canada. i hear they are much cheaper there.

      • Bob Frapples

        yes, pharmaceuticals are crazy expensive. The fact that people have to go to canada to get cheaper products is ridiculous. But when you think about it… if you go to a doctor for a regular checkup and pay for it through insurance, how much does that visit actually cost vs. what the doctor tells the insurance company? A doctor has to hire a liaison that deals with the different insurance companies.. that adds cost. The insurance company hires people to handle the different accounts, local managers that manage those people, regional managers that manage the local managers, executives, network engineers, programmers, etc.. then they have to have places for these people to work so there’s all those buildings which need janitors, security, landscapers, HVAC workers, electricians, etc.. Then they run million dollar ad campaigns, endorse athletes, NASCAR, etc…

        But if you just had to pay the doctor directly, a regular doctors visit may have cost $70-$150 depending on the doctor and location, but because of all that overhead a doctor HAS to charge $300 for a visit, so the insurance company will reimburse him/her $180.

        Get rid of health insurance as we know it. Medical bank accounts that earn interest and catastrophic insurance for emergencies are the way to go.

        Healthcare is not a right.

        • the man from amsterdam

          why is healthcare not a right ?

          • Bob Frapples

            You don’t have the right to any person’s services. If it’s a “right”, then someone MUST perform a service for you… correct?
            Is food a right?

            • the man from amsterdam

              yes it is. everyone deserves to be happy and healthy. that it often doesnt work like that in the real world doesnt make it un-true. but dont apply this “dont tell me (or others) what to do” mentality to it. or else nothing will get done. you dont have to do it, but others do. because they volunteer for that kind of stuff.

              • Bob Frapples

                Again, is food a right?

                • the man from amsterdam

                  i dont think there is a point in arguing with you. we will never see eachothers point of view. have a nice day.

                  • Bob Frapples

                    I’m not arguing with you. You responded with some statements in which I replied and followed up with a pretty simple question. I’m not name-calling, I’m not trying to sound superior, I’m just stating an opinion. You obviously have a different opinion than mine regarding healthcare, I was wondering if you have a different opinion on the subject of food. Healthcare is a need only when you need it. Food is a daily need. If you think healthcare is a right, then I’m curious if you think the same towards food?
                    You initiated this conversation. If you’re not willing to share your thoughts and opinions, then why even start in the first place?

                    • the man from amsterdam

                      i do think food is a right. the same way i think water and air are a right.

                    • Bob Frapples

                      Food, water and air are necessities to stay alive. They are things. I think you mean “access to food” is a right. A right is something that isn’t necessarily tangible. Like “free speech” is a right. The ability to freely travel is a right. But to say that it is a “right” to have access to something means that someone MUST provide either goods or services. There’s a word for that, it’s called slavery.

            • the man from amsterdam

              in better words: they have to do it, because they made it their duty by volunteering for it.

              must a firefighter rescue people from a burning building ?
              must a cop rescue defenseless people from criminals ?
              must a doctor svae a patient from bleeding out or brain cancer or whatever ? yes. they all have to. if they dont want to, they wouldnt get a job in that field.

              • Bob Frapples

                There’s no “volunteering”. Does a garbageman volunteer to pick up your trash? No, you pay him to pick up your trash. Just like you should pay your doctor for his services. By claiming healthcare is a RIGHT is saying that doctor HAS to perform his services for you.
                In a lot of states, firefighters do volunteer. I’m a volunteer. Nobody pays me to go into a burning building. I choose to. But as a volunteer, you can’t FORCE me to go into that building. If I was a paid firefighter, you’re paying for a service. If I don’t want to perform that service, you should have to ability to not pay me.
                A doctor doesn’t have to save anybody. They do have a hippocratic oath that they pledge to do what they can to help someone but they don’t have to. There’s no law stating that a doctor MUST save someone.