These Haunting Photographs Were Taken Just Before These Tourists Mysteriously Disappeared

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Dutch tourists Kris Kremers and Lisanne Froon went missing two weeks after they arrived in Panama to study Spanish. These young women mysteriously disappeared while taking a day hike near the town of Boquete on April 1, 2014.

Froon, 22, and Kremers, 21, were last seen on April 2, 2014

Some locals found bone fragments and a backpack believed to be owned by one of them. Later on, DNA tests confirmed that the remains belonged to them.

While the reason for their disappearance remains a mystery, the camera inside the backpack provided clues as to what happened to these girls while hiking. The recovered camera contains over 100 photos all snapped within 10 days the girls went missing.

This is Froon’s photo taken on the day they went missing.


Based on their cellphone data, the girls tried to contact 911 less than two hours after this photo was snapped. However, there was no reception.


Kremers on the same location as the picture from Froon.


This shows the path the girls took while exploring the wilderness.


Cellphone data revealed these photos were taken before their first 911 call.




Picture from the trail the girls were following


These photos were taken in complete darkness and in an unknown location eight days after the girls went missing.


At least 90 photos from the camera were taken in complete darkness 10 days after they disappeared.


No sign of the girls would turn up for 9 weeks. In June, Lisanne’s backpack would be brought to the police by a Ngobe woman. She claimed to have found the pack on the riverbank of the Serpent River, and she was sure it hadn’t been there the night before. It was dry, and well packed. Inside were the following items: two bras, two smart phones, two pairs of cheap sunglasses, a water bottle, Lisanne’s camera and passport, as well as $83. The camera contained over 90 pictures.

Here’s the recovered backpack containing the camera, cellphone, and other personal belongings.


These are photos of the remains and bone fragments discovered by the locals.
DNA testing would confirm the left foot of Lisanne Froon still in her boot, and the pelvis and rib of Kris Kremers. 


The police believe that one of the women got injured while trailing the densely wooded area. The other woman attempted to help but also possibly got injured. With failed attempts to contact 911 and zero food and water, the girls only had days to survive the forest.

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  • Josh Gordon

    Until more bones are found or all the remains we probably wont know what happened. That being said it does seem kind of fishy that 1) the local who found the backpack said it wasnt there the day before 2) a pair of shorts was found on the opposite side of the river neatly folded sitting on a rock and 3) Kris’s bones appeared to have been bleached and Lianne’s bones still had skin attached to them.

    After growing up in the middle of nowhere Colorado and tens and tens of years of enjoying the outdoors all I know is some folks go into nature wholly unprepared and sometimes it can cost them their life.

  • Josh Gordon

    If anyones interested in a similar case in which someone did find the remains check out this guys story. Long read but its pretty interesting.