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July 26, 2017 | 28 Comments » | Topics: Poll


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  • Man in Black

    if you can shoot a gun youre ready to go.

    • Matt Green

      Not that simple.

      • Man in Black


  • cj4598743

    Even the Transgender veterans that cut off their balls have bigger balls than President “Draft Dodger” Trump ever will. Trump is a silver spoon pussy that needed FIVE deferments to runaway from war. Fuck Trump!

    • Pauly Incorrect

      That’s PRESIDENT Trump to you.

    • Bob Frapples

      A lot of liberals like to use the whole “draft dodger” insult for people who didn’t server or were able to defer enlistment somehow. But liberals were the original draft dodgers. It was a badge of honor to rip up your draft card. So, bitch please, with that nonsense.

      • jonny5

        “badge of honor”….lmao. What ever makes you feel better about being a coward. Draft dodgers will never be able to make up for their cowardice to serve their country. Yep. More like “badge of sissy”.

        • Bob Frapples

          Yes, most of the draft dodgers in the 60’s into the 70’s were democrats.

          • jonny5

            WTF ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? That’s the problem with you cuckoo birds….wtf does dem/rep have to do with anything??? You nutcase.

            I was talking about you and No Weenie Greenie being too cowardly to serve your country. And then want to tell a transgender person who’s willing to die for country that they can’t serve. When they are more of a man than you’ll ever be (man or woman). You non-serving, draft dodger sissy boy.

            P.S. – I voted for Gary Johnson. You nutcase partisan cuckoo bird. I’ll let you dems/reps keep snowflake fighting with each other.

            • Bob Frapples

              Exactly. I agree with you. The democrats were the biggest “cuckoo bird” draft-dodgers. They should be ashamed of themselves. Great job.

      • Matt Green

        Bob, don’t worry about the dimwit jonny5. He’s just a weak knee twit who thinks he’s big and bad but is nothing but a wanna-be who pulls his pud in mommy’s basement.

  • Matt Green

    You realize that the ones in the picture are not American military?

    When a person who is transgender opts for surgery this starts a
    chain of events which places the person as non-deployable for several
    years as they go through numerous psychological evaluations, hormone
    treatments and learning to live as the other sex. While they can be
    transferred to a position that does not deploy they effectively made
    someone else go in their place. Most likely they will be
    on hormone treatments for life which would make them unable to deploy
    and thus meet the qualifications for separation from service.

    On the training side everyone and I mean everyone in the military has
    to sit through hours of power point presentations every month regardless
    if they are in a combat zone or not to be briefed on transgender
    issues, sensitivity training, social change etc etc instead of doing
    their job or actually fighting a war. Literally millions of man hours
    are wasted each and every month for a political correct concept.

    And that is just the start of the issue. Since it is an elective
    procedure at what point do you draw the line on other elective

    Logistic issues when both when stationed here and abroad.

    The list goes on and on making having transgenders in the military combat ineffective.

    I wonder if they realize that these men who go through the gender
    reassignment will then have to do physical fitness tests at the lower
    female standards and thereby push those born female out of a job or
    promotion. In addition, women who become men will have to be held to the
    higher male standards to compete with their peer group.

    • jonny5

      Guaranteed you were never in the military. The ones who do the most of the talking about how the military operates are the ones that never served. You just read a lot of books and watched a lot movies because in real life you were to sissy to serve. Watch the documentary about the Navy Seal that was transgender. He did more than read books like you. You never served…….GUARANTEED!

      • Pauly Incorrect

        You sound angry.

      • Bob Frapples

        *see your post

      • Matt Green

        You must be talking out your ass cause I hope your mouth is smarter,… Not by much most likely.
        I did serve in the Army – I was 11B1P, that means I was an Infantryman in the 82nd Airborne – My Unit was 1/508. Total time in service was 8 years.

        So you can take your “GUARANTEED” and shove it up your ass,… Unless what you call your brain gets in the way!

        • jonny5

          No you didn’t. I read that page of the book too. Or, better yet Wikipedia. LMFAO! Sissy boy pretending not to be by watching movies and reading books. Probably buying lots of guns too to make up for his peepee size. You were a Draft Dodger, just like our sissy president.

          • Matt Green

            Hey shit for brains, you’re a loser who live in mammy’s basement and has to view the real world though a computer monitor. Let me know when you grow up needle dick and let’s see you step up.
            But most likely you just try and poke fun of people who have actually done things while you pull your pud dreaming what it would be like to do something.

            • jonny5

              Okay. Stolen valor sissy boy. You still never served. Stop trying to talk like you did. Isn’t it funny how I can see right through your phoniness? It’s because you all are easy to read.

              • Matt Green

                With your head so far up your ass you can’t even see shit. And dumbass they stopped the draft in ’73 so there’s no way I could be a “draft dodger” but you’re too stupid to even see that. Besides, I enlisted in ’75.

                So cum breath, did you step up?

  • Tingle

    Hell no. The military isn’t some twisted liberal fantasy of a social experiment. The military is here to win conflicts.

  • Charles Martel

    You guys do realize that Trannies have to shove a dildo in a man made crevice EVERY DAY or the hole starts to heal shut.

    This hole not only stays inflamed and irritated, but also susceptible to disease and infection.

    This is not acceptable for the military. Especially if the Gov pays for their “change”.

    The only way I would approve of trannies in the military is if they had their own entire units away from normal people. That way they could not endanger real soldiers. And if Trannies want to fight for banker’s wars alone, fine.

  • Rodzilla

    It is an asshole move to ask someone’s opinion, and, then, when they give it, redirect them to a spam page.

  • noseriously

    If you can’t accept the rules that nature hands you, ya sure as hell wont like the ones the military makes you follow.

  • Pauly Incorrect

    Silly faggots. Dicks are for chicks.

  • ProudCanadian

    Canadian army just sent out a message reminding everyone that all able bodied Canadians are welcomed to serve regardless of gender, race, or sexual orientation. Strength through diversity. It’s a shame that so many people with hate and bigotry are being stirred up and emboldened in the U.S. right now, hopefully the good people will start standing up for the rights for all and drown out all that hateful rhetoric.

    It really is sad to see America going down this path, especially since you guys used to be the icon for freedom and equality to the rest of the world. Peace!

    • Pauly Incorrect

      Silly faggot. Dicks are for chicks.

  • Man in Black

    This is amazing! A pic dump site hosting a heated debate on a deep sociological issue is what 2017 is all about.