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July 26, 2017 | No Comments » | Topics: Sports

Cody Garbrandt’s rise to the UFC Bantamweight Championship


Cornerman Jumps Into Cage To Save Fighter From Terrible Referee


Tito getting fu*ked up by Chuck Liddell


Canelo weaving like a ghost against Trout


Sergei Kharitonov submits Geronimo Mondragoon with ankle lock from the back


Micky Ward grits his teeth and lights a previously aggressive Arturo Gatti up like a Christmas tree


Mike Tyson vs. Clifford Etienne furious exchange until … the KO


Top 5: Pride FC Freakshow Fights 


Chi-Ball master Lukka Lampila goes to Spain


The Smashing Machine: Documentary that follows M.M.A. great Mark Kerr, and his string of amazing victories in the ring