Feed Your Brain With These Fascinating Facts

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Juliane Koepcke, age 17, was sucked out of an airplane after it was struck by a bolt of lightning. She fell 2 miles to the ground strapped to her seat and survived. She had to endure a 10-day walk through the Amazon Jungle before being rescued. 1 survivor out of 93 passengers & crew.

From her Vice  interview:

So, in the jungle, you didn’t just block things out mentally but also physically. The only thing that made me nervous, or let’s say concerned me, was this little patch on my upper arm. It wasn’t any tragic wound or anything, but it was small and open and flies had laid their eggs in it. The maggots hatched underneath my skin and ate a hole into my arm.

Oh my God. I was afraid they might have to amputate my arm. After our dog had a similar thing—I think it was the same kind of fly too—it got infected. I was concerned and I thought, “I have to do something about this. I have to get these maggots out of my arm.” But that wasn’t exactly easy. I had this ring that was open on one side that you could squeeze together, and I tried with that. It didn’t work because the hole was so deep. So I tried with a stick, but that didn’t work either. Only after ten days, when I found a boat with a motor and a barrel of diesel fuel, was I able to do the same thing we had done to our dog—pour petroleum into the wound. That brought the maggots to the surface. Not all of them, but the majority. The people who found me and the doctor who treated me extracted the rest.



The US Department of Defense spends approx. $84 million dollars a year on Viagra and similar erectile dysfunction drugs

First, it is worth pointing out that the Military Times’ February 2015 report based its figure on 2014 data from the Defense Health Agency.

The spend of $84.2m was for that year, but the newspaper also reported that $294m had been spent on Viagra, Cialis and other such medications since 2011.

It pointed out that this cost the equivalent of more than a few fighter jets.

In 2014, some 1.18 million prescriptions were filled, mostly for Viagra. But who were they for? The answer goes some way in explaining the massive spend.

It is true that some of the erectile dysfunction medication went to active-duty personnel.

But the vast majority went to other groups eligible, including millions of military retirees and their family members. In fact, around 10 million people in total are estimated to be covered by the Pentagon’s healthcare system, which cost $52bn in 2012.


Disney parks allowed people with wheelchairs to cut in line with 6 guests, which led to the formation of a black-market where the rich could hire disabled tour guides. (article)



In Scotland, a group of students went to a modern arts gallery and left a pineapple in an empty exhibit to see if people would think it was art. When they returned four days later, not only was the pineapple was still there, it had been covered with a glass case (article)


Also noteworthy…Onement Vi By Barnett Newman sold for $43.8 million (15 Ridiculous Pieces Of Art That Sold For Millions Of Dollars)



The US allows US chickens to be shipped to China for processing and then shipped back to the US without notifying consumers the chicken came from China. (article)



When asked why he made the movie Kazaam, Shaq responded:  “I was a medium-level juvenile delinquent from Newark who always dreamed about doing a movie. Someone said, ‘Hey, here’s $7 million, come in and do this genie movie.’ What am I going to say, no?”


In responding to why he starred in Jaws: The Revenge, Michael Caine said “I have never seen the film, but by all accounts it was terrible. However, I have seen the house that it built, and it is terrific.” 


In Germany, when a kid becomes an adult at age 18, it can get rid of all its debt by offering its debtors everthing its owns at that point. The young adult is relieved from all other debts they can’t pay back so that no young adult has to face a life in debt for things they did as teenager.



A British 19-year-old has officially changed his name to “Captain Fantastic Faster Than Superman Spiderman Batman Wolverine Hulk And The Flash Combined.” His grandmother is no longer speaking to him (article)


R.L. Stine, author of Goosebumps, never included things like divorce, drug use, and abuse because he didn’t “really want to terrify kids.” He wanted his stories to be strictly fantasy and kids to know that it couldn’t really happen (article)

“Fairy tales are more than true: not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten.”

― Neil Gaiman


A naked and bleeding 14 year old boy was returned to Jeffery Dahmer’s home by police. He was strangled immediately after the authorities left the serial killer’s home (article)

Officers “…accepted Dahmer’s casual assurance that the Laotian boy was 19. He was really 14. Assuming they were dealing with a homosexual lovers’ quarrel, they returned the boy to Dahmer’s apartment.”


The 1992 Olympics US basketball team (the “Dream Team”) has been called “the most dominant squad ever assembled in any sport”. Magic Johnson said “I look to my right, there’s Michael Jordan … I look to my left, there’s Charles Barkley or Larry Bird … I didn’t know who to throw the ball to!” 

The Greatest Game Nobody Ever Saw:


Members of the band “Good Charlotte” protested against KFC’s treatment of chickens. Then in 2012 and 2013 appeared in a number of KFC commercials in Australia and even tried to set a world record for eating KFC on “Australia’s Got Talent.”



Judy Garland was put on a diet while filming The Wizard of Oz. That diet, consisted of chicken soup, coffee, and … 80 cigarettes a day. She was 16 years old. (article)

The insecure teenager was by that time addicted to barbiturates and amphetamines and was on the road to alcoholism. In addition, she was routinely molested by older men including studio chiefs who considered her little more than their “property”. 

“I tried my damnedest to believe in that rainbow that I tried to get over and I couldn’t,” she once said. “I just couldn’t.”