The Daily Man-Up

July 27, 2017 | No Comments » | Topics: Man-Up

No matter what you’re doing right now, someone is out there working hard, doing exactly what you’re doing, but even better.

They’re putting more time into research. They’re working longer hours. They’re working smarter hours. They’re investing more time and energy and power into doing exactly what you’re doing.

So as you reach for that remote realize that someone else is reaching for the pot of coffee. They’re extending their work day. They’re putting in over time. They’re inching toward mastery while you’re, well, resting.

I mean, what’s an hour of TV? What’s a nap? What’s a couple more minutes sleeping in the comfort of your bed?


It’s the small decisions that become habits, and its your habits that make who you are, be it a millionaire or someone struggling along to make a buck. Be it a pussy, a coward who never dares greatly, or the man conquering everything he sets his sights on.

As you read this, understand that someone is doing what you’re doing, only they’re working harder than you are.

Some will read this and shrink. Others will read this and rise to the occasion.

Some will think that this is unfair, that the fella working harder than them somehow has it easier than they do while others won’t give a fuck. They’ll just working harder.

Which are you?

Are you the kind of man that reads this and gets inspired to do more, be more?

Or are you the fella who shrinks? Who thinks life is a series of events happening TO HIM rather than a series of events that he’s embarking upon and shaping?

The choice is yours.

Man up.