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July 28, 2017 | No Comments » | Topics: Man-Up

You live in a box you’ve carefully constructed to protect yourself.

So have I.

We all have.

Literally, you have designed every detail of your life to protect yourself from the fears and internal conflicts you aren’t willing to face.

In his book, The Untethered SoulMichael Singer gives the analogy of a person with a thorn in their arm. This thorn happens to be pierced right on a nerve. Consequently, with the slightest brush of the thorn, an electrifying pain shoots throughout his entire body.

In order for this person to live without pain, he has to make sure nothing touches the thorn in his arm. He can’t sleep on his bed — if he rolls over he’ll touch the thorn. So he creates a device to sleep in to protect the thorn.

Problem solved.

He can’t play sports or have much physical contact with other people. So he designs a pad that protects his arm from contact. It’s not very comfortable to wear, but it protects the thorn.

Problem solved.

He’s learned how to manage every area of his life so nothing touches that thorn. From his work to his recreation to his relationships. He’s controlled his external environment so much so that he’s freed from the troubles of his thorn.

Or is he?

In reality, all this person has done is cover-up the problem. By so doing, he has built his entire life around his problem.

His other option — the far less painful and complicated one — is to simply remove the thorn.

In a similar way, you have internal “thorns” you’ve built your entire life around.

You bury your childhood traumas, your fears, and your emotional insecurities. Whenever something “touches” these internal thorns — rather than letting them rise to the surface, experiencing them, and letting them go — you bury them deeper by distracting yourself from the pain as quickly as possible.

Said Tony Robbins, “You always get out of life exactly what you tolerate.” You’ve learned to tolerate living with your fears and internal conflicts. As a result, you’ve settle for a live far beneath your potential.

We all have.

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