A Damn Fine Collection Of Fascinating Photos And Videos

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A Five Generation Journey


This proud Aboriginal elder travels 1864 miles to be at his granddaughter’s graduation (article)

Aboriginal elder Gali Yalkarriwuy Gurruwiwi has travelled from a remote island in north-east Arnhem Land to Victoria, to perform a special dance with his granddaughter.


The real stuffed toys owned by Christopher Robin Milne. They have been on display in the New York Public Library since 1987.


Dutch police giving trauma teddies to childeren just after a car crash


Camera in a furniture screw 


Ruby Bridges, the little black girl who desegregated new Orleans schools, is only 62

In early 1960, Bridges was one of six black children in New Orleans to pass the test that determined whether they could go to the all-white school, William Frantz Elementary. Bridges was the only one who decided to go to the new school. She and her mother were escorted to school by four federal marshals during the first year Bridges attended William Frantz Elementary.

As soon as Bridges entered the school, white parents pulled their own children out; all the teachers refused to teach while a black child was enrolled. Only one person agreed to teach Ruby and that was Barbara Henry, from Boston, Massachusetts, and for over a year Henry taught her alone, “as if she were teaching a whole class.”

On the second day a white student broke the boycott and entered the school when a 34-year-old Methodist minister, Lloyd Anderson Foreman, walked his 5-year-old daughter Pam through the angry mob, saying, “I simply want the privilege of taking my child to school …” A few days later, other white parents began bringing their children, and the protests began to subside.

The Bridges family suffered for their decision to send her to William Frantz Elementary: her father lost his job, the grocery store the family shopped at would no longer let them shop there, and her grandparents, who were sharecroppers in Mississippi, were turned off their land. She has noted that many others in the community, both black and white, showed support in a variety of ways. Some white families continued to send their children to Frantz despite the protests, a neighbor provided her father with a new job, and local people babysat, watched the house as protectors, and walked behind the federal marshals’ car on the trips to school.


140 year old mother with her 5 day old son


Four generations of the women in a family


This is what the heroin epidemic looks like


Hospital food in Japan 


This photo just won national geographic travel photograph of the year. Photo by Sergio Tapiro

A lightning bolt pierces the night sky over Mount Colima as a column of swirling ash erases the stars in its path.


Control room of an abandoned power plant in Budapest 


77 Suspects Escorted By Police On An 11hr Flight From Fiji to China (article)

Seventy-seven people, said to be suspects in a massive online fraud syndicate, have been rounded up in Fiji and flown to China.

Chinese state media said the suspects were part of an online gambling gang that operated from China, Indonesia and Fiji.


Before and After pics of a woman who underwent 8hrs of facial reconstructive surgery after a traumatic car crash 


Zanjeer the dog saved thousands of lives during Mumbai serial blasts in March 1993 by detecting more than 3,329 kgs of the explosive RDX, 600 detonators, 249 hand grenades and 6406 rounds of live ammunition. He was buried with full honors in 2000


The Casting Call For Smells Like Teen Spirit


Chris Christie with nachos in his hands confronts fan who heckled at Milwaukee Brewers game

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  • Josh Gordon

    I hope those two worthless junkies OD and that little boy can find a real adult willing to raise him into the young man he deserves to become. Without getting immediate help there is a very small chance that this little boy will become a functioning member of society. People like that are nothing but leeches on society, no doubt they both have rapsheets longer then the average persons resume. A cop buddy of mine said I want to say it was around 80-90% of the people he encounters who commit a crime, not minor traffic violations but actual crimes, are repeat offenders.