A Few Glorious Clips For Your Consideration

August 8, 2017 | 4 Comments » | Topics: Clips

Wavepool during heatwave in China


The 1996 DNC was LIT!


I love how he goes from excited to “Get the fuck out of here” and then right back to excited


Demonstrating the shield wall technique


Guy tries to kick beer can off girlfriend’s head


Jogger pushes woman in front of bus…what a P.O.S!


Dog doesn’t want to leave the dog park


Breaking Up With A Cheating Girlfriend


Dog plays piano and sings!


She can cook for me anytime 


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  • Dan

    Buddy of mine just got back from China on a business trip. The horror stories he told about the Chinese people were eye opening. If you think Americans are rude, entitled, etc. we have nothing on the Chinese. Massive overcrowding EVERYWHERE if you are in a city. Rampant poverty in the countryside. However, the Chinese government makes sure you don’t see any of this on TV. They are even implementing programs to make people more empathetic after a few nasty videos surfaced of people being hit by cars and no one stopping to help them. The Chinese culture is rotting from the inside.

    • Josh Gordon

      ” a few nasty videos surfaced of people being hit by cars and no one stopping to help them.”

      Yeah that happens, so one where a lady was hit fell on the ground 3 minutes passed and she was ran over again. Compare to the videos from Europe and what not everyones rushing to help. 3 minutes and not one person helped this chick? Absurd.

      But they have another issue, it happens in other Asian countries as well but its mainly China. In China if you hit someone and they die you pay for the funeral cost, if you hit and injure someone in China you pay for their medical bills due to injuries from the accident until they die. Theres been a bunch of cases where someone runs someone over, sometimes a kid, they get out see what it is then back up and go forward several times to make sure the person is dead.

      This has even happened to children as young as 3 years old. Even if they catch the person doing this on video the police RARELY press charges and accepts the person excuse, oh I thought it was a bag of garbage. However the Chinese are trying to crack down on this issue but yeah it still happens.

      • Pauly Incorrect

        It’s not absurd. It’s population control.

  • Josh Gordon

    That bus drivers got skill dam, missed the lady and the car in the other lane props. Although he should have sped up jumped off the bus and held the fucker for the cops.