The Daily Man-Up

August 10, 2017 | 1 Comment » | Topics: Man-Up

Leadership is a responsibility other people give to you. You can’t claim it on your own. You might act like a leader, but you can’t force people to follow you, no matter how hard you try. If they don’t want to follow you it is like pushing rope.

You get from others exactly what you put into them. If you are honest, loyal, and respectful in your dealings with others, then (the people who matter) they will do the same to you. Those who don’t, don’t matter.

You must always have the most integrity out of everyone, and must always be the first to act. You can’t wait for someone else to take responsibility. If there is something that must be addressed then it is your role to address it first and as soon as it arises. If you slack off in this regard, then others will slack off in their responsibilities also.

Being a leader is not a part time role. You don’t get to be a leader some days and not a leader on other days.

You are the example. People will and do act in accordance with the standard that you set. If you accept poor quality outcomes from yourself, then that is what those around you will produce as well.

Utilize your emotions and the emotions of those around you to help you achieve goals. Tell people you appreciate their work and that you are proud of their accomplishments. Express excitement and enthusiasm. Show determination and fortitude. Be sincere and vulnerable. People are attracted and inspired by honest emotion. Don’t be scared of it. It makes people feel human and helps people relate.

Make sure people know what they are working for, and make sure their reason for putting in effort is clear and personal. People are motivated by self interest. Know what their self interest is and find ways to align this with their goals in the work environment.

Push and challenge people in a way that is directly related to their personal and professional development. Don’t be afraid to make people feel uncomfortable, but let them know you have their back. By definition, no one likes to step out of their comfort zone, but that is the only place progress is made.

Always give people 100% of your attention when people are speaking to you, and always make sure you understand what they are saying. As a leader, asking questions and taking notes demonstrates your commitment and desire to understand and the importance you give to their matters.

If something can be addressed right away, then do it straight away. Never ever delay something that can be done immediately. There will always be more work than there is hours to do it in. Feedback is most effective when it is given close to the event.

Give lots of feedback. Always be calibrating and communicating. Try and allocate at least one uninterrupted hour per fortnight for personal 1-1 review and evaluation with your direct reports. The best way you can make people feel valued is by giving them your time and attention and support.

Good feedback has incredible results. It shows people you are invested in them and their work and are paying attention to their outcomes.

Give people performance measures which they can measure themselves and which they know how to influence. A good measure should not require its own overhead to maintain and manage.

Don’t kill yourself with work. Those who you lead need to step up themselves one day, and if you make your job seem excessive and overwhelming, then no one will be inspired to step up to the plate themselves.

You don’t have to make everyone feel like they are your favorite, but each of your employees need to feel like they have a special relationship with you.

At the end of the day, leadership is about getting the best out of those who you lead, by helping and inspiring them. Leadership is a at its core, a role of servitude, where you are constantly thinking of how you can help those you lead. A good leader doesn’t force people to work, they remove the barriers and inspire, motivate and assist people to want to work. Especially in technical fields, people have gone through a lot of hard training to get where they are. They WANT to do a good job and want opportunities to be successful. They shouldn’t need to be forced, rather their inner desire that got them to where they are needs to be honed and developed and further inspired to help them to overcome even greater challenges and achieve even greater results.