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10 Steps to Becoming a Humiliatrix – Ceara Lynch

Sara Jean Underwood Took The Buck-Naked Road Recently – Mandatory

Tomi Lahren Just Roasted Millennials For Being Soft As America Teeters on Brink of War With North Korea – Maxim

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson just covered up his iconic tattoo, but the replacement is amazing – Rare

Your Tinder Bio Will Never Beat This One-Armed Woman’s Bio – Newser

Claudia Sampedro Is One Hell Of A Hottie – Yes Bitch

Hard Lessons in Living Off the Grid – Long Reads

Former Lehman Bro From San Diego Arrested For Pushing That Woman In Front Of London Bus – LAist

The moment in history when Muslims began to see dogs as dirty, impure, and evil – Quartz

How to make your Wi-Fi faster and better – Wired

What It’s Like to Have Bipolar Disorder in the NFL – Tonic

NFL officially announces decision on Ezekiel Elliott punishment – FanBuzz

The Most Lavish Dowries In History – Ranker

Final Photos Taken Seconds Before Tragedy Struck – OMG Lane

Leaked Emails Show HBO Offered Hackers $250,000 To Prevent ‘Game Of Thrones’ Release – Digg

A damn fine collection of bewbs, awesomeness and everything in between – Radass

Hot girls with muscles – Leenks

A Military Analysis Of The War For Westeros – ARS Technica

Hundred-Year-Old Antarctic Fruitcake Found in ‘Excellent Condition’ – Gizmodo

Kate Upton, Julianne Hough and Other Random Ladies – G-Celeb

44 Insta-Hot Pics of Jessa Hinton – Regretful Morning

The 2016 Summer Games were supposed to bring Rio and Brazil to new financial and athletic heights. What’s left behind? – ESPN

Bella Thorne Pumps Her Booty – Hollywood Tuna

When Adults Get Hold of Children’s Coloring Books – Sad And Useless

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