A Damn Fine Collection Of Fascinating SPORTS Photos And Videos

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The Marquez retirement cake is savage af


Tyson abstained from sex for five years during his rise as a boxing champion because he believed that sex before a fight would make him a weak boxer.

During an interview, Tyson attributed his sexual abstinence to not knowing enough during his younger years. He said that he believed what others had said and chose to stay away from sex. It happened between 1981 and 1986, during the time of his career when he was slugging his way towards becoming a successful boxer.


Rory McDonald  after his war with Robbie Lawler


Jon Jones and Brock Lesnar 3 years ago


UFC 1: Art Jimmerson and the lone boxing glove 


Amir Khan claims that his soon to be ex-wife was cheating on him with Anthony Joshua 


Cowboys’ player mocks Steelers’ kicker after missing important FG, Jack Lambert is having none of it… 


Karsten Warholm reaction in becoming a World Champion in 400m Hurdles


Lionel Messi swaps shirts with Chapecoense plane crash survivor Alan Ruschel


Runner about to win collapses. Guy in second picks him up and helps him across giving up his chance at the title and the prize money

Jesse Orach (Maine singlet), 23 and a recent UMaine grad, had built a strong lead in the TD Beach to Beacon road race but was struggling to finish and win the Maine Division title. His only close competitor, Robert Gomez (Dirigo singlet), sees Jesse’s in trouble but rather than breeze past him in the chute to win his first Maine title in 10 tries, the 34-year-old stops to offer assistance and gets Jesse across the finish line in first, sacrificing his own glory (and $$$).


Babe Ruth posing with fans 1925. He was a popular figure in the African American community because of his willingness to treat them as he would white fans, along with rumors of him being biracial

One of the big reasons that he was kept out of the manager role despite everyone agreeing that he was the best baseball player to ever set foot on the diamond was actually because they were certain that he would bring colored baseball players onto the team. The teams were so afraid of this and the backlash that it would cost them in their fandom and their reputation throughout the rest of the league, which was pretty supremacist at the time, that they decided not to hire him based on that fact alone. There was even a managerial spot open in Cleveland when he retired, but Alva Bradley, the owner of the Cleveland Indians at the time, refused to hire him. It’s not like there wasn’t fresh talent in the black community, because the Negro Leagues had plenty of worthy players who would have excelled in the MLB, but they were kept out systematically until Jackie Robinson in 1947.


Worlds best biathlon athlete, Martin Fourcade has a resting heart rate of 25 BPM! 


María Lorena Ramirez won 1st place in a 50k marathon in Mexico. She ran in a skirt and sandals (article)

Apart from the sandals, María Lorena Ramírez wore a skirt and a scarf in the race. She did not have any professional training.

She finished the race in seven hours and three minutes, and was awarded 6,000 pesos ($320; £250).


The fastest 100m times ever. Names crossed over were using doping


The 1996 NBA Rookie Class 


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  • MightyMule

    100m list is wrong. Some of those names ran those times after they served suspensions for doping and while they tested clean. Justin Gatlin being one of them.