The Thoughts And Feelings Of A Nazi SS Guard As He Is About To Execute 23 People

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At 6.00 in the morning I was suddenly awoken from a deep sleep. Report for an execution. Fine, so I’ll just play executioner and then gravedigger, why not. Isn’t it strange, you love battle and then have to shoot defenseless people. Twenty–three had to be shot, amongst them the two above-mentioned women. They are unbelievable. They even refused to accept a glass of water from us.

I was detailed as marksman and had to shoot any runaways. We drove one kilometre along the road out of town and then turned right into a wood. There were only six of us at that point and we had to find a suitable spot to shoot and bury them. After a few minutes we found a place.

The death candidates assembled with shovels to dig their own graves. Two of them were weeping. The others certainly have incredible courage. What on earth is running through their minds during these moments? I think that each of them harbours a small hope that somehow he won’t be shot. The death candidates are organised into three shifts as there are not many shovels.

Strange, I am completely unmoved. No pity, nothing. That’s the way it is and then it’s all over. My heart beats just a little faster when involuntarily I recall the feelings and thoughts I had when I was in a similar situation.

On 24 July 1934 in the Bundeskanzleramt when I was confronted with the machine-gun barrels of the Heimwehr. Then there were moments when I came close to weakening. I would not have allowed it to show, no that would have been out of the question with my character. “So young and now it’s all over.”

Those were my thoughts, then I pushed these feelings aside and in their place came a sense of defiance and the realisation that my death would not have been in vain. And here I am today, a survivor standing in front of others in order to shoot them. Slowly the hole gets bigger and bigger, two of them are crying continuously. I keep them digging longer and longer: they don’t think so much when they’re digging.

While they are working they are in fact calmer. Valuables, watches and money, are put into a pile. When all of them have been brought to stand next to one another on a stretch of open ground, the two women are lined up at one end of the grave ready to be shot first.

Two men had already been shot in the bushes by our Kriminal Kommissar, I did not see this as I had to keep my eyes on the others. As the women walked to the grave they were completely composed. They turned round. Six of us had to shoot them.

The job was assigned thus: three at the heart, three at the head. I took the heart. The shots were fired and the brains whizzed through the air. Two in the head is too much. They almost tear it off. Almost all of them fell to the ground without a sound. Only with two of them it didn’t work. They screamed and whimpered for a long time. Revolvers were no use. The two of us who were shooting together had no failures.

The penultimate group had to throw those who had already been shot into the mass grave then line up and fall in themselves. The last two had to place themselves at the front edge of the grave so that they would fall in at just the right spot.

Then a few bodies were rearranged with a pickaxe and after that then we began the grave-digging work. I came back dog tired but the work went on. Everything in the building had to be straightened up. And so it went on without respite.     


Felix Landau was a member of the feared German SS. For much of the war he belonged to an Einsatzkommando, a mobile death squad charged with exterminating Jews, Romani gypsies, Polish intellectuals, and a number of other groups within Nazi-occupied territory. Landau operated throughout Poland and Ukraine, slaughtering his way from town to town.

His remarkable diary details his appalling crimes, often in graphic detail. This entry, from July 1941, records his actions in the city of Drohobych in western Ukraine. The lack of emotion he feels during the killings is typical of SS officers who took part in mass executions. Landau was documented as being particularly brazen in his ill-treatment of Jews, randomly shooting at themfrom his window as they walked down the street. Following the war, Landau managed to evade capture until 1959, when he was put on trial and sentenced to life imprisonment. He was released for “good behavior” in 1971 and died in 1983.

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  • MightyMule

    What a crazy coincidence to see a post about Nazi’s this week.

  • Derek

    German SS

    • Bob Frapples

      Or as I like to refer to them, ANTIFA 1.0.

      • Byron Matthew Williams

        That’s fucking ignorant.

        • Byron Matthew Williams

          Fascism came from Mussolini, Hitler’s ally – whom he looked up to. Crack a fucking book for once in your life.

          • freedomrider389

            See you at the barricades – that is if you are man enough to back up your ill informed mouth. And do wear a name tag so I know at whom I am aiming. There are way more of us than you and we are very well armed.

      • Neil Robertson

        So you identify with Nazis and Racists and White Supremacists? You don’t identify with the Americans who went to Europe to fight the Nazis and Facism?

        • Bob Frapples

          You must have issues with reading comprehension. NAZI == ANTIFA
          I can’t get any more simpler then that.

          • Neil Robertson

            I saw the Alt Right carrying Nazi flags and imagery. We must have seen different videos. It’s kinda ironic that you identify AntiFa (Anti-Fascist) as a Fascist Nazi outfit.

            • Bob Frapples

              Saying you’re “anti-fascist” does not erase your fascist actions.
              I saw antifa wearing masks and waving soviet flags as well. I think both groups are fucking assholes. The problem I have is that I believe in the Constitution which means that people have the right to speak and assemble even when I disagree with what they say and believe. Because if you have the ability to silence those people, when are you going to decide to silence me?

            • fl6stringer

              “Alt Right” could not be further than the truth. Many people are confused partly by design to believe fascistic Nazism is a ‘rightwing’ thing when it is in fact a LEFTWING phenomenon. Leftist progressive @ssholes are always big government. Conservatives are not. Also, there are few oxymora more absolutely profound than ANTIFA. They are some of the most fascistic pieces of shiz infecting this planet today.

  • granddad1

    US and Allied forces did much of the same.

    • Bobby

      Au contraire,, not by assignment. Yes,, when you repeatedly witness what the enemy is capable of,, what they are allowed to do in their general orders,, a foot soldier up close & personal to all the murderous acts of their opposition finally begin to retaliate in kind. How would you treat your enemy once introduced to a POW camp with mass graves of skeletal remains close by? From Bataan to the killing fields across Europe on into the eastern front,, stretching on into Viet Nam with how the VC purged “sympathizers” burying them alive or clubbing them into oblivion with hands tied behind their backs. Yes,, a soldier will finally figure on his own,, “war is hell”,, his own private hell individual from the high command or a convention intent to make war “civil”. The fragility of the human psyche is pushed to the max to it’s breaking point & something known as “retribution” takes place. That’s war,, the trenches to the jungle knew what it was & the defender played catch-up in how it was waged. Honorable,, no,, a necessary evil leaving a message to those playing by their own set of regulations,, what do you think,, do you even know what you’d do in such a case? Killing becomes your primary M.O.,, your call of duty..

    • R.Jones


    • pacrimco

      The Allied Forces had no Einsadtzgruppen killing units that went into captured towns and villages and murdered Jews and others considered to be enemies of the Reich. These killing units were lead by SS officers and were responsible for personally and intentionally murdering over one million, mostly unarmed Jewish civilian. men, women and children captives as the Nazis moved eastward in their WWII European conquest. Try reading “Ordinary Men” by Christopher Browning and then good luck in your search to find a comparable killing unit account of Allied Forces doing anything even remotely similar.

  • KaptainAmericana

    Human life is nothing on this EVIL Planet.
    ONLY “Christian” nations have some sort of respect for life.


    • KaptainAmericana

      ………Please don’t tell me Nazis were Christians…….

      • Christopher Foxx

        Many of those who fought against them were not.

        “ONLY “Christian” nations have some sort of respect for life.” ?? That’s a very Nazi-like attitude you’re expressing there.

      • pacrimco

        Indeed they were. When Hitler and the Nazis rose to power in the 1918-1945, one third of Germany was Catholic and two thirds were Protestant. Less than one percent were Jews. Hitler was a Catholic. Cardinal Eugenio Pacelli, later to become Pope Pius XII, signed Concordats with Nazi Germany to protect the Vatican and Catholicism at the price of non-resistance to the Nazi war efforts. In a speech of that era, Hitler proclaimed “God is on our side.” Then he proceeded to murder six million Jews and nine million non-Jews to prove that point.