A Damn Fine Collection Of Fascinating SPORTS Photos And Videos

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A Good Women Is An Investment. A Bad Bitch Is A Bill.

We’ve been together for more than eight years. We lived inIireland 3 km from Dublin in a rented apartment on the €188 unemployment benefit. I had no job because I spent all my time at the gym. I believed that i would be the champion and she always did too. She believed in me despite the lack of money. Dee Devlin tried to get me to eat right and always keep my daily regiment. She dedicated herself to it. Coming home after an exhausting training session she always said ‘Conor it’s okay you can do it!’


Bellator allowed ESPN to take portraits of their fighters immediately after the Madison Square Garden fight (article)


UFC Fighter Nordine Taleb is now a personal bodyguard for soccer star Neymar


Brock Lesnar at age 17

Brock Lesnar at age 17


Cracked Jaw


Caved-In Skull


That laugh at the end. Skill respects skill


Odell Beckham One-Handed Catch


Sideline reporter taking one for the team 


Spotted during the second inning of Yankees game



Tim Tebow is a great person


Red Wings vs. Sabres, 1971


Curved Goal by Paul Pogba


Professional Ultimate Frisbee


Kori Carter’s ‘Game-face’ 


Wrestling Oil Check


Women Water Polo: fight broke out, then the “benches cleared”


Rare pic of Vince McMahon and his shiner 


Why Vince McMahon got a black eye…The Montreal Screwjob

Bret Hart was about to jump ship to WCW after contract negotiations with WWE went south, and he didn’t want to drop his WWE title in his home country of Canada.

McMahon, the greatest mind in wrestling, knew Shawn Michaels’ had to win the title in Canada, and did everything he could to make sure this happened. This meant Vince coming out, and calling for the bell, without Bret Hart ever actually submitting to Michaels’ version of Bret’s “Sharpshooter.”

From there, Bret Hart lost his cool, and went as far as to spit on McMahon during what was left of the pay-per-view. This is where the documentary “Wrestling with Shadows” comes in, as it gives us a view backstage where Bret becomes physical with Vince.



Most popular athletes on social media (Facebook + Twitter)


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