The Dumping Grounds

August 21, 2017 | 4 Comments » | Topics: The Dumping Grounds

What they feed the sled dogs for the Iditarod Trail Dog


TED Talk – Fat Phobia


Report: Average Male 4,000% Less Effective In Fights Than They Imagine


Meanwhile In Oakland: Dude Pulls Up On A Guy With A Noose Hanging In His Backseat! “Take It Off B*tch Azz N*gga”


This guy reviews puzzles and this is one of coolest, most complex I’ve seen him solve so far.


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  • Josh Gordon

    How can she stay out of the water that long? Dont whales need to be in the water to like live? Hurry rush her back to the ocean. Comments are disabled on the youtube page, hmmmm I wonder why. Hit the gym you fat bitch god dam you’re gonna die before you’re 40 holy fuck.

    • MightyMule

      With high intellect people like you wanting to comment I can’t understand why the YouTube comments would be disabled either. Guess some mysteries just weren’t meant to be solved were they Sherlock?

      • Josh Gordon

        Funny you mention that as you clearly have no clue who that woman is and the fact she was name calling a skinny woman on a British talk show while saying fat shaming is wrong. Do some research next time bub.

    • Cunty McFatTwat

      You’re asking a lot of the ocean….