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August 25, 2017 | 5 Comments » | Topics: Poll, Sports


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  • Father Time

    I like Conor by knockout. Floyd is the greatest of his division and time. But Conor’s got size and father time on his side. Both I feel are being way underestimated. All elite athletes are defeated by father time. Will happen again.

    • Nakka

      …and Floyd is a boxer. Look, if Michael Jordan and Conor played a game of basketball, I’d bet on Jordan. I don’t care that he’s 55 – he’s a basketball player.

      • Father Time

        Not even a close comparison brah. Basketball and boxing are apples and oranges. Have you ever seen a basketball player throw a baseball? I have and some of them throw like girls. Why? Because of different mechanics. MMA and Boxing are very similar mechanics. Therefore, Conor murks Floyd. Not because Conor is that much better at fighting it will because of Father Time. Floyd’s reaction time will cause him to get murked by Conor’s prime youth and physicality. If they were the same age I’d give it to Floyd. But they’re not.

        P.S. – MJ was 6’6″ , Conor – 5’6″ – Horrible comparison.

        • Lipyliepy

          Ask Bernard Hopkins if 40 is old.

          He is just like Floyd, in that he makes ugly fights and he wins them.

          This boxing match will be a snooze fest. Floyd wins UD.

          Father time can suck it.

        • Pauly Incorrect

          Well, there’s no doubt who won this argument.