Confessions Of A Nude Maid

September 7, 2017 | No Comments » | Topics: Life Experiences

How does one get into the business of naked housekeeping?

Needed some extra cash, knew that my friend was doing it, so I decided to give it a shot.

Is there an agency you go through? Do you advertise on Craigslist? How do you meet prospective clients? Whats the process?

Just put up a classified ad(newspaper or online) and you’ll get a ton of inquiries. The process goes like this: someone emails, you arrange day and time, show up, take off clothes, clean, get paid, tell them about the discount for regulars, leave.

What does your ad contain?

Usually some form of nude maid/naked maid in the title, with the rates in the ad(this way you don’t have to worry about those who can’t afford you)

What are the demographics of your clients? Age, race, financial status, marital status?

Usually it’s a man in his 30s, white, making ~$60-100K and single. But in reality it’s all over the place, I had college guys, I had college girls, had married couples, had lesbian couples. Very few non-whites though.

If you had to guess, what would you say is their motivation hiring you? I mean, besides getting to see a girl naked, of course? As in, why a maid and not an escort/hooker?

For many it’s just to get their house cleaned. And it’s worth to them to pay a few extra bucks to get a naked hot housekeeper than an ugly fat one. For others it’s just having someone naked doing their bidding.

Do clients actually follow you from room to room?

Some do, the ones who read a newspaper/watch TV while I do it…don’t.

How do the customers usually act? Do they get naked? 

Some get naked, some stay dressed.

Do the guys ever just sit there jacking off the whole time then ask you to clean that up as well when finished?

Yes that happened a few timtes

Have you been in a situation where you are attracted to your client? Have you been tempted to do more than just clean, if you know what I mean?

Yes, and yes.

How does it feel when you are cleaning? Do you enjoy the attention? Or is it just something you do, like any other job?

I like the attention

How many clients do you see week on average?

10-12 a week…most are on the weekends

Do you actually have sex with people or is it strictly viewing only?

I do have sex, but at my convenience. i.e. if I don’t find you attractive, I just tell you that “I don’t do that”…and if I’m not in the mood, I charge an arm and a leg.

How’s that process go down? Does the person come out & ask you, or is there some sort of awkward seduction that ensues?

Usually they’ll come out and ask if I do anything else or if they can “upgrade”

Have you ever given sexual favors for free due to your attraction to a client and/or horniness level?


What do you charger for your services?

$150 for sexy clothes, $300 for nude, and that’s per hour. If I find the guy attractive, it’s usually $500 to add a BJ, $1000 for sex, $2,000 for anal.

What caused you to get into maiddom versus straight up escort / callgirl?

It’s safer. No need to worry about cops or anything like that. You don’t meet in a seedy hotel, but at someone’s house/apartment.

+it gives you options. i.e. if I see the client and he is butt fugly…I can just play it off with “sorry, I don’t do that”

+if I do anything XXX rated, it costs them a lot more.

What kind of income are you pulling in every month?

Around $20-25K…it varies up and down from month to month…but that’s more or less the average.

What do you do about taxes? 

Pay them. it sucks, but I like to keep my money in the bank, not under my mattress.

How long do you plan on doing this?

Well I’m just 20, so I have about 20 years left in me. Granted it’ll be harder to get new clients at 40…but at that point I’ll have a lot more regulars/contacts. I’m not a big spender. I’m more or less squirreling the cash away for the future. i.e. I still drive a crappy civic, that I bought used. So overall, my total expenses every year are at most $30-40K…everything else gets saved for the future.

Eventually the plan is to get a few franchises going.

Have you ever felt in danger while with a client? I mean, I assume it’s just you and the client in a house… Ever dealt with some weirdos?

I never actually feel threatened, noone is going to do anything in their house…when they know someone else will know they were the last person you saw.

What are some special requests? Weirdest? Funnest? Any you turn down?

Wear butt plug, wear strap on, do everything on my knees, etc. Funniest would be having to find 10 sex toys hidden around the house and using them for a $1,000 bonus. Turned down? Usually anything having to deal with me or the person shitting/pissing and me cleaning that up

Does anyone ever call you to come over and not stick around? (paying to actually clean) while they go out to buy ketchup and bread?

Once, and it was a regular

Did you still do it naked even when he wasn’t there?

No I stayed dressed.

What’s the worst you’ve had to “clean”?

The guy took a dump in the shower

Are you in a relationship? If not, do you think you would continue if you started dating a guy?

Yes, it’s an open relationship so there is no conflict. No problem.