A Few Clips Guaranteed To Make You Feel Better About Life

September 8, 2017 | No Comments » | Topics: Life

Boy Was Sick And Missed School, His Classmates Are So Excited To See Him Come Back


In this pizza shop, all it takes is $1 and one Post-it to pay it forward


At the end of the every summer, the dog park in Nampa, Idaho throws an annual treat for its four-legged friends. It’s called the Annual Pooch Party-Stroll & Splash


Every single dog in this shelter just got a new bed — and they LOVE having their very own place to sleep


Japanese ‘Pet Retirement Home’ Gives Comfort To Aging Animals


When an aggressive feral cat wasn’t responding well to human touch they introduced it to some kittens instead


Starving dog transformation to a healthy and happy dog


Cow tries prosthetic leg for the first time 


Embarrassed face of a police officer after he was caught on camera buying new shoes for a homeless man


Kid fist bumps passengers as he boards the plane