A Damn Fine Collection Of Fascinating Photos And Videos

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 Ankole-Watusi cattle


300 doctors, nurses, and paramedics await takeoff on a C-17 before heading to Orlando for Hurricane Irma response


Parking Rates In Manhattan


Mexican artist’s Work in progress on the Mexican side of the US/MEXICO border 


This clock in Hiroshima after North Korea’s hydrogen bomb test


Louisiana swamp 


Suitcases filled with money found at the house of an ex-Minister give a glimpse into the amount of money corrupt politician embezzled

Federal Police found, on Tuesday (05), money in an apartment that would be used by Geddel Vieira Lima (PMDB-BA) in Salvador. The former minister is under house arrest in Bahia.

According to the PF, Operation Treasure Lost started on Tuesday had the purpose of executing search and seizure warrant issued by the 10th Federal Court of Brasilia. After investigations resulting from data collected in the last phases of Operation Cui Bono, the PF arrived at an address in Salvador, which was allegedly used by Geddel Vieira Lima as a “bunker” for the storage of cash in kind. During the search, a large amount of cash was found.

According to police, the amounts seized will be transported to a bank where it will be accounted for and deposited in a court account.

The report came into contact with Geddel Vieira Lima’s defense at 11.55. Through the advice, the information is that the attorney representing the former minister could not speak to the report at the time because he is attending a hearing in Brasilia. The information is from Rede Bahia.


The 9/11 Teardrop Memorial, donated to the USA from Russia 


1925 Rolls Royce Phantom I Jonckheere


Ekaterina Lisina of Russia is the new Guinness record holder for the longest legs…She’s 6’9


Where the Namib Desert meets the Atlantic Ocean, Africa


Making A Baseball


How NFL footballs are made


Hurricane Irma (right) compared to Hurricane Andrew in 1992. Both category 5 


Avoiding Florida: take a look at the current flight tracker, barely any airplane dares fly near it


Kirk Cameron’s take on the Hurricanes


 Over 50 Caribbean flamingos take shelter in the men’s room at the Miami Metrozoo during Hurricane Georges, 1998

Zookeepers rounded up the birds to protect them from the effects of Hurricane Georges. This was not the first time the zoo had to corral flamingos in a restroom. They were also in there during Hurricane Andrew, six years earlier.

More on How Zoos And Aquariums Handle Hurricanes


Firepower then vs. Now 


When an elephant gives birth in the water, members of her herd protect her from crocodiles


First full-body photo of SpaceX’s spacesuit


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  • Rolinha Mole

    The federal police found R$ 51.000.000,00 (US$ 16.000.000,00) in the suitcases.

  • Josh Gordon

    The artist is French not Mexican, JR I think he goes by.

    And that picture there thats dope as hell. That almost seems like the risk of death, injury, and or aids would be worth it. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b78bd5ca99edf4cec410bc2783929e135517d5585bab295c2100e114c8e75af4.jpg

    • Nakka

      Lucky for you that you don’t need to risk any of them to go. Have fun on your upcoming trip to Namibia! (Note: Southern Morocco has some amazing beaches too.)

    • Pauly Incorrect

      Don’t forget Malaria and Dengue Fever!